If you haven’t already started to stream Blumhouse’s year-long anthology series on Hulu, you’re in luck. Into The Dark is about to touch on the best time of the year with its upcoming December episode, Pooka. With only 3 installments so far, Into The Dark has provided some intense, meaningful, and entertaining stories centered around each month’s holiday. The Christmas season is a horror genre favorite given ample material to mix fear with cheer, gore with joy, and presents with otherworldly presences. From the looks of Pooka’s recently released trailer, Into The Dark is sure to cash in on the year’s most saturated jolly holiday.

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who brought us the larger than life creature feature Colossal, and written by Gerald Olson (The Bug Movie), Pooka focuses on a struggling actor who takes the obligatory seasonal job of dressing up in the obnoxious costume of the hottest children’s toy by the name of (you guessed it) Pooka. The plush character is unique looking to say the least, but not as odd as the alternative personality the man begins to take on once he suits up.




Starring Nyasha Hatendi (Replicas), Latarsha Rose (The Hunger Games), Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone), and Jonny Berryman (This Is Us), Pooka is the chaotic story of what happens when holiday magic and mysterious possession collide. It’s adorned with tons of scary imagery and is sure to have some meaningful social commentary as Pooka takes over not only store shelves, but one man’s life during Christmas. Everything goes from so right to so wrong real quick.

With the end of Black Friday’s mass hysteria behind us and the bright, shiny holiday shopping ahead of us, Pooka looks like it will touch on the fascination we have with the year’s most popular toy and the effects it could have on its victims. Could this episode incorporate my favorite holiday theme of consumerism dangers? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Pooka will be available for streaming on Hulu on December 7th, 2018. Have you started to stream Into The Dark? What do you think about Pooka’s trailer? Share your thoughts with us over on TwitterReddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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