It is certainly shaping up to be a year of cancellations in the world of television. Not only cancellations, but cancellations of GOOD shows! First, Ash VS Evil Dead gets sawed off after three seasons. Then The Last Man On Earth and Brooklyn 99 get their walking papers handed to them before The Exorcist receives an insulting severance package. Sure, Channel Zero was sparred, but what is going on?!

There was another show that recently cancelled as well. You might not have heard of this one though because the show hadn’t even aired yet. Sure, I’m being coy about something that was clearly in the title up top, but did you know there was almost a Tremors television series? Until very recently, the series was set to air on the SyFy channel. It was even going to bring back Kevin Bacon, returning in the role of  reluctant-hero Val McKee. A fantastic idea, sure, but sadly the show will never see the light of day.





The trailer for the cancelled Graboid show boasted a stellar return to the series’ gritty roots. In the trailer, Perfection Valley looks exactly like it did in the first film. It once again gets plagued by those terrifying sandworms. Val McKee looks washed up, like an old has-been that some say is “trying to live in a memory that doesn’t exist anymore because everything else has changed.”

The Graboids in the trailer are simply THAT! Graboids! No Shriekers, no Ass-Blasters. Just Graboids. In fact, it looks as though the show was meant to disregard the sequels in the film saga and all the extra Graboid evolutionary phases too. When the trailer ended, I was filled with immediate excitement but also sadness. This show, according to SyFy, will not happen. Hopefully this one will not die though. Other shows have found new lives on Netflix, so why not Tremors?

If there is a petition online to revitalize this show, you better believe that I will sign it. After all, Graboids aren’t very easily killed, and hopefully this show won’t be either.