Prepare to be stoked for some stellar scares at Halloween Horror Nights this fall! Universal Orlando announced in a press release on Thursday, “the 80s return with a vengeance, bringing with it some of the biggest frights of the era.” HHN promises to bring us 10 new “totally terrifying” haunted houses and 5 killer scare zones inspired by cult classics from the 80s, dubbing it “the decade that just won’t die.”

The Florida-based theme park has already announced three of their upcoming houses so far, including the return of Stranger Things to it’s line-up. If it’s anything like last year’s Stranger Things house, it will be wildly popular and intensely immersive. Orlando will also be getting it’s own version of Universal Monsters, which was a fan favorite at their California park in 2018. Most recently, the resort announced Depths of Fear, another original creepy caper for visitors to traverse.


What is most intriguing about the description of this year’s theme is the mention of the cult classics from the 80s. Fans are already speculating about what awesome announcements may be lurking just around the corner. Could we see a Ghostbusters house or perhaps Fright Night(I would love to see Peter Vincent, vampire killer in the flesh, or hear Jerry Dandridge exclaim, “Welcome to Frrrright Night… for real.”) There is an amazing assortment of horror films from the 80s to choose from, so there’s no telling if we’ll revisit Ash from The Evil Dead trilogy, share nightmares with Freddy Krueger, or fight off a swarm of Critters.

Last year’s line up included 80s favorites like Poltergeist as a haunted house, as well as scare zones infested with Killer Klowns from Outer Space and fiendish toys alongside Chucky from Child’s Play. So really, there’s no telling where the bitchin’ 80s nostalgia is going to ooze out of and take terrifying form.

Tickets are already on sale for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, which will run select nights from September through early November, so you can start counting down the days, fiends! What cult classics are you hoping to see come to life this spooky season? Tell us on Twitter, in our Official Subreddit, or over at the Fiend Club Facebook Group!


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