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Total Eclipse of the Horror: 10 Horror Movie Eclipses That Will Leave You in the Dark

Wolf Creek (2005)
Dimension Films

5. Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek features a solar eclipse that sets a foreboding tone for the film’s events. It follows two British tourists and their Australian friend who encounter a seemingly friendly local in the remote Australian Outback. The eclipse casts a shadow over the landscape, paralleling the darkness that descends upon the trio as they face a nightmarish struggle for survival against a relentless predator. This intense thriller uses the eclipse to enhance its atmosphere of isolation and impending doom.

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Pitch Black 2000
USA Films

4. Pitch Black (2000)

Pitch Black sees its characters stranded on a desert planet that falls into darkness due to an extended total eclipse, unleashing deadly nocturnal creatures. The survivors, including a dangerous criminal and a determined pilot, must band together to fend off the alien threats. The film cleverly uses the eclipse as a central plot element, creating a tense survival scenario where the darkness brings terror and the light becomes the only sanctuary.

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Bloody Birthday 1981
Rearguard Productions

3. Bloody Birthday (1981)

In Bloody Birthday, three children born during a solar eclipse turn into emotionless, murderous psychopaths by their tenth birthday. The film combines slasher elements with a chilling astrological premise, suggesting that the eclipse’s influence deprived them of empathy. This unique take on the slasher genre, with the eclipse as a backdrop, offers a creepy exploration of nature versus nurture in the development of evil.

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Hellboy 2004
Sony Pictures Releasing

2. Hellboy (2004)

Hellboy intricately weaves its narrative around a solar eclipse, pivotal for the film’s climax. The story follows Hellboy, a demon with a heart of gold, who faces manipulation by the sinister Rasputin to trigger the apocalypse by opening the gates of hell. This catastrophic event, linked to the eclipse, can only be activated by Hellboy’s stone hand. The eclipse here is not just a backdrop but a crucial timing element for the ritual, symbolizing the potential for cosmic-scale disaster. In a dramatic turn, Hellboy confronts his destiny under the darkened sun, choosing to fight against the forces urging him to fulfill the dark prophecy.

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The Watcher In The Woods 1980

1. The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

The Watcher in the Woods is a supernatural mystery involving a family who moves into a rural English manor, where their daughter begins experiencing strange phenomena linked to a girl who disappeared during a solar eclipse years before. This dark Disney film uses the eclipse to heighten the suspense and mystery, serving as a gateway to the supernatural events that unfold, leading to a climactic resolution that ties the celestial event to the narrative’s core mystery.

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As the darkness of the upcoming solar eclipse approaches, these films remind us of the power of celestial events to invoke fear, wonder, and a sense of the unknown. Whether it’s the catalyst for unleashing evil, a symbol of dark pasts resurfacing, or a backdrop for otherworldly horrors, eclipses in horror movies tap into our primal fears of the dark and the unseen, making them the perfect theme for a night of horror movie marathoning.

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