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10 Rural Horror Movies That Prove the Countryside Isn’t As Safe As You Think

For all you urbanites who occasionally daydream about leaving behind the humdrum of traffic jams, incessant honking, and neon lights for some rustic charm and fresh air, think again. The cinematic world has a peculiar way of reminding us that the serene countryside might just be hiding some unspeakable terrors.

More and more of us are drawn to the idea of “getting back to nature,”; camping trips, nature walks, desolate desert drives, or even ill-advised witch hunts in the woods without a map. But, if horror films have taught us anything, it’s that safety should always come before seclusion.

Get lost with us in the cinematic woods of rural horror movies, where the only thing scarcer than cell service is a way out.

The Hills Have Eyes 1977

10. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Nuclear testing sites and family road trips – a combo only Wes Craven could pull off. Beyond the hills of a desert lies a chilling threat that’s anything but natural. As the Carter family encounters unexpected desert dwellers, their family vacation quickly turns into a nightmare, raising questions about humanity’s price and survival’s cost. Also, you’ll never get the sand out of your shoes.

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the wind 2018

9. The Wind (2018)

The American frontier: opportunity, freedom, and…paranoia? The unending vastness here isn’t liberating but suffocating. This tale makes one thing clear: even when there’s no one around, you’re never truly alone. Lizzie finds herself confronting both supernatural and very real threats in her isolated environment, resulting in a chilling tale of solitude. Remember, when the devil knocks asking for a cup of sugar, what he really wants is your soul.

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Wolf Creek (2005)
Dimension Films

8. Wolf Creek (2005)

Venture down under, but not in the cuddly koala and kangaroo kind of way. Australia’s vast outback isn’t just about mesmerizing sunsets; it can also hide sinister shadows. When backpackers find themselves at the mercy of a malevolent local, the expansive desert terrains suddenly become too close for comfort. Whatever you do, don’t say ‘Crikey’ in front of him, it’ll just make him madder.

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the witch vvitch 2015 folk horror

7. The Witch (2015)

There’s eerie, there’s creepy, and then there’s 1630s New England isolation. Tensions rise in this slow-burn horror as a Puritan family unravels under the weight of suspicion, despair, and the lurking woods. As supernatural events plague the family, accusations fly and faith is tested, painting a dark portrayal of early American anxieties. And if the goat starts talking to you, it’s probably just low blood sugar. Grab a granola bar from the cooler and have a sit.

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wrong turn 2003 rural horror movies
20th Century Studios

6. Wrong Turn (2003)

Endless forests, mountain paths, and West Virginia’s very own welcoming committee. This film remains a testament to always, ALWAYS trusting your map and perhaps avoiding scenic routes that lead to cannibalistic gatherings. What starts as a simple detour becomes a chilling tale of survival against grotesque adversaries. I hope you brought a second tank top, because this one’s about to get dirt on it.

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