47 METERS DOWN Heads Back Into The Water with Upcoming Sequel

Jaws: Don’t go in the water

47 Meters Down: Hold my beer.


With a budget of $5 million and an international box office earning of $53 million, it’s no question that writer/director Johannes Roberts would be returning to make a sequel out of his inventive shark film, 47 Meters Down. The film follows two young sisters Kate and Lisa as they travel to Mexico for vacation. On a whim, they decided to go diving in shark-infested waters with promises they’ll remain completely safe in a protective cage. Their worst fears soon become a reality when the cage breaks away from their boat, sending them plummeting to the ocean floor with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

The sequel entitled 48 Meters Down will take place in the waters off the coast of Brazil (rather than Mexico). The film centers around a group of young women looking for an authentic experience rather than being stuck in the expected tourist traps. Of course, you can’t go parasailing or something relatively normal, you have to put yourself in a shark infested cafeteria. Producers of the upcoming sequel discussed with THR about their impressions of the first film and their goals for the second.


“We are so pleased by the huge success of 47 Meters Down; it totally exceeded all expectations…48 Meters Down will take the claustrophobia of cave diving and the thrill of shark encounters and move everything to the next level.” -James Harris, Fyzz Facility


“47 Meters Down has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, and we’re thrilled to be reteaming with the filmmakers and our friends at The Fyzz for the sequel, which will ratchet up the thrills and spills to a whole new level.” -Mike Runagall, Altitude


It doesn’t seem like Mandy Moore shall be reprising her role for the shark infested sequel. If 48 Meters Down plays to its strengths, hopefully, we can expect intense claustrophobia scenes plus the high pitched-underwater screams of its protagonists.

48 Meters Down does not currently have a release date.


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