Celebrating their seven shocking years of genre film and nightmare cinema, the 2018 Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival is now underway! From October 26 through to November 4th, Ithaca Fantastik is a ten day celebration of  film, art, and music. Included in this year’s lineup are previous festival favourites The RusalkaCam, and the low-fi zombie masterpiece One Cut of The Dead.

Below are 5 movies we can’t wait to see at this year’s festival. Tickets & badges are available now and can be purchased HERE.




Directed by Nicolas Pesce

Reed (Christopher Abbott) takes off from his wife, baby, and idyllic life for a very important business trip. But the business he has in mind is murder! All set with his plan to commit the perfect crime, Reed finds his victim in mysterious call girl Jackie (Mia Wasikowska).


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Knife + Heart


Directed by Yann Gonzales

After producer Anne breaks up with her editor girlfriend, the 70s low-budget gay French porno they were shooting begins to take an… artistic turn. The sensual film becomes a real-life erotic thriller when one of the stars is brutally murdered. Anne can’t seem to out-maneuver the chaos that ensues.


Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss By Passing Through the Gateway Chosen By the Holy Storsh

seven stages

Directed by Vivieno Caldinelli

A small-town couple (Kate Micucci and Sam Huntington) finds the perfect apartment at an amazing price. But a parade of intruders keep breaking in to practice a strange cult ritual, following the teachings of their guru: the Holy Storsh (Taika Waititi). The final step? Suicide in the apartment bathtub.


Brother’s Nest

brother's nest sxsw dark comedy

Directed by Clayton Jacobson

Two brothers (Clayton and Shane Jacobson) reflect on memories, their upbringing, and family in their childhood home as they plot to kill their stepfather. What at first seems like a simple plan soon spirals out of control and into an abyss of mayhem and murder.


Girls With Balls

girls with balls

Directed by Olivier Afonso

A girls volleyball team, The Falcons, find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere after their minivan breaks down. Little do they know, they landed in the territory of some degenerate redneck hunters. The hunt is on. Thus begins a very long night where the teammates must run for their lives and test their team spirit. But these young athletes may be more resourceful than the hunters give them credit for. Serve. Set. Spike. Kill!


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