October means Halloween! Halloween means monsters! In addition to all the Halloween goodness, we at Nightmare on Film Street are also celebrating all that is hairy, that is slimy, that is big and that is small … that is MONSTERS!

After I recovered from searching for all that is Halloween films throughout the world of streaming services, I jumped right back in to search for some of the best monster movies that they have to offer. There are tons upon tons, but I have settled on ten wonderful, spooky ooky ooky and some kooky monster features.



10. Humanoids From The Deep (1980)

Humanoids From The Deep (1980)

Shudder, Prime, Tubi TV

Aquatic monster chaos! Humanoids from the Deep is the 1980 film about nasty, stinky, and disgustingly pervy creatures from the sea that wreak havoc on a seaside town. The titular humanoids are perfect in their rubber suits while still managing to be a little creepy. Settle in for the icky acts of the humanoids, and be sure to stick around for the carnival set finale.


9. THE MONSTER (2016)



What’s worse than your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night? Being in the middle of nowhere with a monster. That’s what. Taking place within or around the car, the film places its stake on high as a mother (Zoe Kazan) and daughter (Ella Ballentine) do all that they can to survive the night and each other.


8. THE RITUAL (2018)

the ritual tiff review horror


The majority of this Netflix original plays out like a non found footage The Blair Witch Project. A group of buddies are backpacking through the woods when strange and peculiar things start to happen to them. While the monster in the ritual puts our protagonists through some pretty sinister situations, it doesn’t show up until the finale. But it’s well worth the wait. It’s a doozy of a monster.


7. A QUIET PLACE (2018)


Hulu, Prime

Blind monsters that hunt and thrive based on their sense of hearing. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. A moving performance by Millicent Simmonds. Intense “Don’t make a sound” moments. That damn rocket ship toy. I tried giving A Quiet Place words without fragmented sentences, but it just didn’t happen because I love the film so much. The monsters within are unrelenting.




Hulu, Prime

Pumkinhead is an allegorical monster. He is revenge monsterfied; brought about by a man (Lance Henriksen) whose son was accidentally killed by a group of teenagers. This is high on the list of Henriksen’s best performances. It’s also high on the list of best looking film monsters thanks to director Stan Winston’s vision.




Shudder, Prime, Tubi TV

Adam Green is Adam Green investigating a man’s (Ray Wise) claims that he has found real live monsters. Done found footage style, Marrow plays largely on the is he or is he not insane angle for the man claiming to have found monsters. When the monsters of the Marrow do show up, it’s a fun, fun time. I’m still clamoring for the long-rumored sequel as the monsters of the Marrow need to be seen no matter how badly they don’t want to.


4. CHILLERAMA (2011)

Prime, Tubi TV

Chillerama is an anthology of absolutely insane tales that each deal with a certain monster of horror history. Chillerama’s niche? Taking those monsters, and putting some of the craziest grindhouse spins on them. You get a single sperm going kaiju, queer werewolves, a nazi spin on Frankenstein’s monster, and some splattery zombies.


3. SPLINTER (2008)


An unsuspecting couple along with a seemingly criminal couple hideout in a roadside gas station from a monster that wants to tear them apart. Splinter has one of the more unique monsters to grace monster cinema. Its origins are not explored in the film, but it builds its form using body parts of its victims. The practical effects here are aces, and succeed at being genuinely disgusting.



Prime, Tubi TV

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is a little bit Evil Dead, a little bit Night of the Demons, and a whole lot of fun. Jack’s (Trevor Matthews) family was murdered by monsters when he was a kid. When those monsters return, it’s up to him to destroy them. Simple plot, but like I said, all kinds of fun, and all kinds of monsters. Plus, there’s Robert Englund getting all kinds of ick and monsterfied.


1. SPRING (2015)

spring 2015

Spring is a beautiful love story that also happens to be a story about a monster. Do not go in expecting full fledged monster mayhem as the majority of the film is a story about a man (Lou Taylor Pucci) running away from his problems and coming to terms with who he is while falling in love with a mysterious woman (Nadia Hilker), but there is a monster. It’s just not your normal type of monster.


Hopefully, there’s a monster for everyone, above. What’s your favorite monster movie that is currently streaming? Shout out your monster suggestions on our Twitter, subreddit, Instagram, and on The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook! Check out the 31 Days of Halloween 2019 list for more monster movies, and keep coming back to Nightmare on Film Street throughout the month as we have tons of monstrous monster articles and lists to come!