APPARITION Trailer Teases 2018’s First Great Horror Game

This year was not only a hallmark year for horror cinema, it was also haunted by amazing horror video game releases. Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard have been very well received this year, each having enough mass appeal to cross over into mainstream gaming. These are all tense survival games that focus on gore and carnage. While that is completely awesome, some horror fans prefer to be faced with a bit of a mystery to go along with their survival. If you are one of those people, Fat Dog Games is here to offer you what you have been looking for. Judging by its new teaser trailer, Apparition looks like an early contender for the best horror game of 2018.

Apparition the Game


According to the Fat Dog website:

Apparition is a first-person survival horror game, where the player’s goal is to document ghost activity in a haunted American forest – Devil’s Tramping Ground in North Carolina. You can communicate with the dead using a Ouija board. This way the ghosts will be able to answer your questions. You will also be equipped with a video camera and a voice recorder to further document paranormal activity. Every piece of evidence comes with extra points and the scores are then shown on the Global Player Board. The forest, in which the game takes place, is not only haunted by ghosts, it is also inhabited by animals.

The forest is not only inhabited by animals, however. The woods surrounding your cabin is stalked by demons, trying to uncover your whereabouts and ready to destroy your soul at the first sign of your presence. You can’t just cower in the corner of your cabin (like I would in real life), however, for some of the answers you are looking for are found on hidden letters written by those who used to live in the forest.

Apparition the Game

Apparition is slated to be released in the second quarter of 2018, so keep an eye on the official Steam page for any updates. Hit us up on our Facebook Group Page and tell us what you think about this upcoming release. What are some other horror video game titles you’d recommend? Let us know!

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