The Loo. The Office. The Commode. And for a few unfortunate souls, their Final Resting Place. Turning everyday places and activities into situations of terror is not an uncommon one for horror films. It plays upon the idea that terror can happen anywhere and nowhere is truly safe….not even the bathroom.

It’s a fact of life that the bathroom is unavoidable and thanks to horror movies, not even this hallowed place is sacred. There’s a lot of great suspense scenes that take place in the ol’ water closet and here’s a few of the best. We dare you to keep your shower curtain open after reading this list.


10. Street Trash (1987)

street trash

So, we’re going to use the term bathroom here loosely.  I mean, there is a toilet is there not? Never mind the fact that the structure happens to be missing a few walls.  Actually, that kind of just adds to the reasons to include it on this list. This gritty, dilapidated facility is already so gross on it’s own, nobody would even notice a difference when the infamous Tenafly Viper claims another victim and melts him into a pile of colorful goo.


9. Saw (2004)

James Wan’s feature directorial debut was not only an instant horror classic, it was also one of the most disgusting bathrooms to ever be depicted on film. The cracked tiles, flickering lights, mysterious smears, and atrocious toilet and bathtub is enough to give any neat freak nightmares. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole “dead” body laying in the middle of the room without any explanation. Not exactly the ideal place to randomly wake up one day.


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8. Zombieland (2009)


Rule #3.  Beware of Bathrooms. Words of wisdom.


7. Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

ghostbusters 2

While Dana‘s bathroom itself was the model of a clean restroom, the slime slowly oozing out of the tub faucet and accumulating behind her back is stressful to say the least. There she is, lovingly preparing young Oscar for a bath unaware of the danger that is growing in her bathtub. I can’t be the only one out there that saw this at an impressionable age and will never take their eyes off a tub filling up.


6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

nightmare on elm street bathtub

We all know that nowhere is off limits for Freddy Krueger. Not even the bathtub. When that glove peeks through the bubbles between Nancy‘s legs…yikes. Falling asleep in the tub is one thing, but falling asleep and being pulled down into a dream realm that appears in the bottom of your tub? No thank you.


5. Evil Dead (2013)

evil dead

So there you are, casually washing some blood off your face and the mirrored vanity door slams shut to reveal you…but with your face sliced to bits. This scenario and various versions of it is a familiar one, however it still holds some power. After Olivia officially becomes one of “them” and Eric goes to check on her, the bathroom becomes a whole plethora of nightmares. The flickering light, the slamming door, the terror lurking behind the shower curtain all set a stage for a place no one wants to be.


4. Hostel: Part II (2007)

hostel 2

We’ve all heard the term ‘bloodbath,’ but Eli Roth takes the term literally in this film. Enough said.



3. Psycho (1960)



This is the movie that added a layer of horror upon the previously innocent shower curtain. For years after filming, Janet Leigh has been notoriously quoted as saying she stopped taking showers for years. This may in fact be the most infamous bathroom scene in all of cinema.


2. Candyman (1992)


There are plenty of terrifying bathrooms in Candyman but one of the greatest jump scares ever is when Clara dares to utter his name three times in front of her bathroom mirror. Let’s just say, I won’t be testing this urban legend anytime soon.


1. The Shining (1980)

the shining

Yes of course this is on the list. And while there are multiple bathroom scenes in the film we are talking about THAT bathroom scene. The green bathroom scene.  The terror in this bathroom lies not in it’s filth, but in the tricks it plays on the mind. What you see, or think you see, and what really is. The tension, the confusion, and that damn shower curtain. *shudders*


What do you think? Anything we left out here? What are the films or scenes that give you second thoughts before you hop into the tub? Let us know over on our Facebook Group or on Twitter!