Better pay attention to this one, 80’s and 90’s kiddos. Working on his follow-up to the wildly stylized horror film Beyond the Gates, Jackson Stewart has recently announced a new project – The Day After Halloween.  And, if we can expect anything similar to his feature debut, we’re in for another fan favorite.

On the latest episode of Blumhouse’s Shockwaves podcast, Stewart announced The Day After Halloween, describing it as “basically what happens to the ‘final girl’ after the end of a slasher movie.. It moves into a kind of weird metaphysical direction that I don’t think people would really expect from this type of movie, but it should be fun.”


EW was able to scrounge up more details; the film will follow ‘final girl’ Alice Caldwell, “the sole survivor of a Halloween night massacre, who soon finds herself under intense scrutiny from the local media. As she struggles with the traumatic aftermath, a mysterious presence begins brutally murdering anyone who’s wronged her.”


beyond the gates
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Stewart co-wrote the story with Stephen Scarlata (Beyond the Gates). The Day After Halloween is being produced by Zach Hagen (He Never Died) and Mike Moran in association with MarVista (Corpse TubBitch).

Stewart is also working on a sequel to Beyond the Gates. The script is still being penned alongside Scarlata, with the project’s producer Brian Yuzna. The first film starred Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson, Brea Grant, Barbara Crampton, and Jesse Merlin, and surrounded a mysterious VHS board game, inspired by the classic real-life board game, Nightmare. If you haven’t seen Beyond the Gates yet, it also happens to be streaming on Netflix US (and recommended by us in our 8 More Horror Movies On Netflix You Haven’t Seen list)

“Brian and I and Steve have just sort of kicked the tires on that story over and over again,” said Stewart. “It’s a lot of inversions on the themes of the first movie and moves into a sort of medieval RPG (role-playing game) element a little bit.”

We’ll keep you updated on future details on The Day After Halloween here at Nightmare on Film Street. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and continue the conversation over in our Horror Group on Facebook!