Hello hellraisers, and welcome to Bloodstreams! We’ve made it out of the gloomy month of January and into the still-predominantly-gloomy month of February. This month, we’ll be celebrating Leap Fear with all sorts of time traveling goodies, like time loops, paradoxes, the Bermuda Triangle, and just maybe a performance from a Wyld Stallyns cover band. As a quick aside, the “air guitar but with the sound of a real guitar” gag from the Bill and Ted movies remains unmatched in cinema.

Anyway, February may be the shortest month, but it’s also kind of a garbage month with neither a Halloween nor a good time to go to the beach. In other words, the perfect time to catch up on all the streaming horror content that’s hitting your favorite services this month! Let’s take a look:


Locke and Key (2020)

Still the top name in streaming, Netflix is bringing some new horror series as well as some older favorites this month. If you’re a spooky comic book fan you owe it to yourself to 1) read Grant’s excellent column Graphic and 2) check out this long-awaited television adaptation of the Joe Hill comic. This Netflix original will hit your screen on February 7th.


Starship Troopers (1997)

I’m doing my part! Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi/action/monster movie is great for fans of satire (the heroes of the film are blatant fascists) and creature features (there’s a whole lot of bloodshed in this movie, and the aliens are cool as hell). Would you like to know more? Tune in on February 15th.


Spectros (2020)

Connecting the dots between Brazilian folklore and Japanese ghost stories, Spectros is an eight-episode Netflix original series. As a bonus for this month’s Leap Fear theme, there’s even some weird temporal anomaly stuff! Check it out on Netflix February 20th.


28 Days Later (2003)

The biggest draw for Hulu’s streaming horror this month has to be the Valentine’s installment of Into the Dark, but there are also several movies worth revisiting landing on the service in February. 28 Days Later wasn’t the first movie with fast zombies, but it took the idea and ran with it. I’d say it’s still one of the most effective films in the subgenre. Run, don’t walk, to it on February 1st.


The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

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If you like your horror with a serving of humor, and you love meta jokes and flipped conventions, you’ll get a kick out of Cabin in the Woods. Then again, you probably could have guessed that by the Joss Whedon writing credit. It hits Hulu on February 3rd.


Into the Dark: My Valentine (2020)

The latest in Blumhouse’s streaming series, My Valentine follows a pop star and her doppelganger, and will hopefully be chock full of bangers I can add to my Halloween dance party playlist. This Hulu exclusive lands on February 7th.


Escape from New York (1981)

In addition to new episodes of horror series The Dead Lands, Shudder is bringing some exclusive streaming titles right alongside genre classics. John Carpenter’s dark science fiction/action movie is one of the coolest movies ever made, with an anti-hero for the ages. Watch it on Shudder February 1st, or your head will explode.


My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Following the tried-and-true formula of holiday+cool mask+cool weapon, this slasher movie follows a coal miner with a pickaxe on a St. Valentine’s Day massacre of his own. Just because something’s formulaic doesn’t mean it’s bad. Catch this seasonal favorite on Shudder February 1st.


Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (2019)

This festival favorite (Best Picture at Fantastic Fest!) tells a story of love and loss, as well as the human condition and hanging out with a dominatrix. It also has the best title of any movie so far this year. You can catch this Shudder exclusive on Shudder February 6th.


3 From Hell (2019)

After a roughly fifteen-year break, this film follows Rob Zombie’s Firefly clan from jail and into your nightmares. His style’s not for everyone, but if you like Rob Zombie you already know you want to see this one. If you wanna stream it, you’re gonna have to do it on Shudder; it lands on the service on February 13th.

What are you stoked to stream this month? Let us know over on TwitterInstagramReddit, and the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook page. For more reviews, recommendations, and four line romantic poems, stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street.

Roses are red/ Zombies are green/ It may still be winter/ But it’s *always* Halloween!