Bruce Campbell will once again step into the role of Ash Williams in an upcoming Evil Dead video game it has been revealed.


As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Campbell will once again strap on his boomstick to voice Ash Williams in an upcoming video game. Campbell previous teased via the news outlet back in May that “upcoming iterations” of the franchise were in the works. The rumour-mill went into overdrive until the confirmation that a new video game was indeed in the works. Campbell was asked if voicing the character affected his enforced retirement,

“Oh no no, that’s different, I have previous obligations I have to fulfill. They are doing a video game. A whole immersive kind of dealio. I’ll be Ash for that, because I wouldn’t want someone else’s voice hamming it up.”


Immersive dealio? Could we be getting a VR Evil Dead game?! Oh my! This news is probably causing more nerdgasms than the announcement of the Friday the 13th game a few years ago.


Hang on, Hasn’t He Done This Before?

Yup, This will not be the first time Campbell has voiced the character for an Evil Dead video game. He lent his dulcet tones to Evil Dead: Hail to the King (2000), Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick (2003) and Evil Dead: Regeneration (2005). 

Wow, this is some pretty sweet news. In the wake of Ash vs The Evil Dead being cancelled by Starz, Campbell announced his retirement from the role. So this news that in some form we are getting more Ash from the man himself is sure to please Evil Dead fans out there. Campbell revealed no more specifics about the project so we’ll have to wait with baited breath for more news.

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