CASTLE ROCK Teaser Promises New Terror in the World of Stephen King

Hulu just dropped their second teaser for Castle Rock, and it’s brimming with enough mystery to make any horror fiend foam at the mouth faster than you can say “Cujo.”

After the runaway success of IT, and small screen adaptations of Gerald’s Game and 1922, 2017 became the year of the Stephen King revival. And it seems the movement has no signs of stopping, with more King adaptations and remakes announced right and left! It’s certainly a great time to be a King fan — especially when we have a show like Castle Rock to look forward to!


The new series — produced by J.J. Abrams — will make creative use of the rich world building of King’s novels and short stories. Instead of adapting a pre-existing King story, Castle Rock will tell an entirely original tale set in the universe of Stephen King. The show takes its name and setting from Castle Rock, a fictional town in Maine that King has referenced throughout his work.

Castle Rock made its debut in King’s 1979 novel The Dead Zone. The town is the setting of stories such as Cujo, Needful Things, and The Dark Half. Works such as IT, The Stand, Gerald’s Game, and Creepshow reference the town.

The new teaser shows Henry (Andre Holland) “a death row attorney” arriving in Castle Rock after getting a call from Shawshank prison. Yep, that Shawshank. The reason behind his visit is still cryptic, but it may have to do with a mysterious prisoner played by Bill Skarsgard.  According to the actor, the character is original and completely removed from IT’s Pennywise. Sissy Spacek is the other major King star appearing in the show, though like Skarsgard, her character seems unrelated to her famous role in Carrie.

The marketing for Castle Rock has so far struck a great balance between hinting at the world of King without relying too heavily on it. This teaser is no exception. With visual nods to Carrie, Cujo, and of course, The Shawshank Redemption throughout, we still get enough glimpses of the original story and characters of the show to keep us guessing.

Hulu seems to be very excited for the upcoming series. Excited enough for this new teaser to air during this weekend’s Super Bowl! And who can blame them? With the entire world of Stephen King as inspiration, and the backing of J.J. Abrams to boot, Castle Rock has plenty for any horror fan to get pumped for. The 10 episode season will premiere on Hulu this summer.


Stephanie Cole

A writer and teacher from Boston, MA who loves vintage horror and lives every day like it's Halloween. Find her on instagram @raygungal and on twitter @gangstergish.