I am losing touch with what’s cool in the world. I’m too preoccupied with keeping them off my lawn to worry about what the youths think is cool. I had no idea what a “creepypasta” was, only that it sounded super delicious. Then in October 2016, I was introduced to Channel Zero, Syfy’s anthology series based on said creepypastas. The first two seasons of the show were great examples of these internet-based spooky stories, and I couldn’t wait for more. The show’s third season, titled Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block has just been given a release date of February 7th, 2018, and we have been #blessed with five new teaser trailers..

The new season, written by series creator Nick Antoska, is based on Kerry Hammond’s creepypasta Search and Rescue Woods. The story tells the story of a young woman named Alice (Olivia Luccardi from It Follows). who moves to a new city and learns about a series of disappearances that may be connected to a baffling rumor about mysterious staircases in the city’s worst neighborhoods. With help from her sister, they discover that something is preying on the city’s residents.


Channel Zero
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Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block also stars Holland Roden (Teen Wolf), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) and Brandon Scott (Blair Witch). The season contains six episodes, all of which are directed by newcomer Arkasha Stevenson. Syfy has been ramping up the marketing, pumping out five new short teaser trailers since last weekend. You can check out those trailers below.

Are you excited for the upcoming season of Channel Zero? Are you a fan of the show? I, personally, think that it ranks right up there with Fox’s The Exorcist as the best horror themed show on television (sorry, fans of American Horror Story… I haven’t been able to get past the third episode for the last three seasons). Join our official Facebook Group and let us know what you think!