Check out Latest Trailer for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT!

The first official trailer for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT is here, giving us a spine chilling look into the characters of Sarah Paulson and the incomparable Evan Peters, as the great horror anthology takes on the Trump Presidency.

Ally (Paulson) is devastated by the election results making her fear of clowns innately worse as the inauguration grows near.  Whereas Peters’ character, Kai, shrieks in maniacal joy complete with blue hair and all. In an attempt to lessen the stress, Ally and her wife Ivy (Allison Pill, MILK) hire a nanny (Billie Lourd, SCREAM QUEENS) to take care of their son.  Little do they know the wholesome nanny is in fact, not so wholesome at all, as she and Peter’s characters are behind a massive scheme to terrorize the new age family to no end.  It all starts when Lourd gives the young boy a figurine of TWISTY THE CLOWN.   Twisty appeared in AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW in which the clown committed multiple murders and held the victim’s friends and family captive in an abandoned bus.   While Ally’s clown visions worsen, she fails to even get her own wife (Pill) to see them as anything more than paranoid delusions.   The couple reaches a breaking point leaving them completely defenseless against the horrors yet to come.


From the looks of the trailer this is indeed the story Ryan Murphy was born to tell. It’s poignant and relevant in a way that only Murphy himself can get away with.   When Murphy was recalling all of Peter’s AHS characters from the past six seasons, he was quoted as saying, “Kai in CULT in one of his greatest AHS roles to date.”   Which is both awesome and completely terrifying.

This season also stars:  Chaz Bono, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Mare Winningham  and Lesile Grossman to name a few.    AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT appears Sept. 5th  @ 10pm ET on FX.

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Alice Diehl

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