Christopher Shy’s Horror Posters Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever been confronted with the choice of buying all of something you see online or meeting the basic needs of your family? Christopher Shy is forcing me to make some seriously difficult decisions with his amazing assortment of horror artwork. Not only are these the coolest alternate horror posters out there, but they are also some of the most beautiful pieces of art that I have ever seen.

Studio Ronin, started in 1994 by Christopher Shy, has had a hand in many projects over the years. They have worked in the film industry by building miniatures and designing costumes for several projects. Christopher is known for creating the concept artwork for the Jason Vorhees redesign in 2009’s Friday the 13th remake, as well as creating the original graphic novels Silent Leaves and Pathfinder.


Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, Shy has had gallery showings of his original work in Chicago’s Echo Gallery and some are now on permanent display at Gallery Provocateur. What truly sets him apart, in my opinion, is his amazing attention to detail in the watercolor posters he has created. These range from iconic horror movies to the films of Akira Kurosawa. The verticality he paints with draws your eyes upward and creates a such a beautiful layered texture on the flat panel. You have so much to look at in each print, it’s almost as though he has combined multiple pieces of art into one extraordinary image. Here are some of the best pieces from his website:

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You can admire the rest of his work as well as purchase some of these prints HERE. We here at Nightmare on Film Street will be following Christopher Shy’s career and will update our site with any new awesome prints he creates. How amazing are these posters? Join the conversation on our Facebook Group Page and let us know!

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