[Clip] Traditions of Terror in Twisted MERCY CHRISTMAS

Christmas, tototed as a time for sharing, giving, and good will towards man.. has a lot to do with traditions. Inside each and every home lit with twinkling little lights, resides a family with a list of things that must be done, treats that must be baked, carols that must be sung. In Mercy Christmas, we get to see inside one of those houses with the twinkling lights. Only, their tradition is something way more sinister..

Michael Briskett meets the perfect woman and his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family’s holiday celebration. Michael’s dream shatters once he realizes that HE will be the Christmas dinner. Watch an exclusive clip from the film, above.


mercy christmas


Michael Briskett crunches numbers in his isolated, windowless office while co-workers enjoy the Christmas party he wasn’t invited to. When his boss asks his help with an urgent year-end report, Michael is flattered. Just one catch – it needs to be done by Christmas. The stack of research arrives with his boss’ beautiful assistant Cindy. Michael is smitten and he invites her to his holiday gathering that weekend.

Cindy ends up being the only guest to show and the two bond over holiday drinks. Cindy convinces Michael to bring his work along and join her family for a traditional Christmas celebration

.While there, a spiked glass of eggnog lands Michael in the family’s basement with his hands and feet bound and the knowledge that his boss is really Cindy’s evil brother. Michael needs to deliver the year-end report or suffer the way those before him have suffered. And if Michael doesn’t escape, Cindy’s family will be having HIM for Christmas dinner!


Mercy Christmas is now available on VOD. Start a new tradition this holiday season with a fresh cut, Holiday Horror! Rent on iTunes.

mercy christmas


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