The bad girl everyone loves to hate is back in the tabloids, but it’s not exactly what you think. Courtney Love, the former lead singer of Hole and notorious lover of grunge legend Kurt Cobain, is the subject of Interview Magazine’s periodic Q&A editorial. With twenty personal questions asked by some of Love’s most famous friends including celebrities like Debbie Harry, Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Sorkin, Kate Moss, Tom Ford, and Lana Del Rey, Love remains fearless from her version of honesty and reality. Her age and sobriety have definitely added a mature lens to her viewpoint, but Love still has that rebellious demeanor and intrigue that continues to hold our attention.

However, it is not Love’s digs at Ariana Grande, Marylin Manson asking about her best sexual experience, or even her two great Elizabeth Taylor stories that caught our horror-minded eyes. When asked by actor Joshua Boone if she had ever seen a ghost, Love replied: “When I moved to Hancock Park from Seattle with Frances and Edward [Norton, Love’s ex-boyfriend], I saw Kurt in a chair for a moment and he said hi to me and then he left.”


Her short response to this question is nothing short of spooky, and even a little disarming. Obviously, there’s no way of telling whether Love is telling the truth, yanking the chain of the question, or trying to keep her attachment to Cobain relevant. It’s a sad reminder of the Nirvana frontman’s tragic suicide, that continues to haunt the world of rock and roll. It sounds like Kurt’s ghost is pretty indifferent to Love, but then again, could you blame him? Maybe true love never dies. Maybe this is a case for Kanye West’s Sunday Gospel services.

What do you think of Courtney Love’s interview answer? Do you believe Kurt Cobain’s spirit visited and spoke to her? Share your thoughts over on Twitter, Reddit, or in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook


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