the frozen jack horror movie cocktail inspired by the shining 2
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[Creepy Cocktails] “The Frozen Jack” – A Shining-Inspired Horror Movie Cocktail Recipe

The Shining, directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, stands as a pinnacle of cinematic horror. Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the chilling film takes audiences deep into the eerie halls of the Overlook Hotel, where isolation and supernatural forces converge to create a chilling ghost story like no other. The film’s unforgettable imagery, from the twins in the corridor to the ominous room 237, has etched itself into the annals of horror history. Kubrick’s meticulous direction, combined with Jack Nicholson’s iconic performance, makes The Shining a must-watch for any film enthusiast, especially those drawn to the suspense and psychological depth of haunted hotel stories.

And while you’re chilling your bones with a visit to one of horror’s most iconic haunted hotels, why not sip on something wicked?

the frozen jack horror movie cocktail inspired by the shining
Nightmare on Film Street

The Frozen Jack: A Horror Movie Cocktail That Will Give You Chills

Inspired by this chilling tale, we bring you The Frozen Jack, a cocktail that captures the essence of The Shining’s snowbound horrors. This icy concoction, a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and frozen Coca-Cola, is a nod to the film’s final showdown, one where a mad and murderous Jack Torrence chases his family through a frozen maze, hellbent on fulfilling the hotel’s haunted prophecy. It all ends with a brain freeze — just like this drink!

As you sip this movie-inspired whiskey mix, let it transport you to those long, lonely corridors, echoing with the whispers of the past. The Overlook Hotel may be dry for the winter, but somehow this cocktail made it on the premises, ready to chill things to the bone! Whether you’re hosting a horror movie night or just enjoying a quiet evening, the Frozen Jack is a perfect way to pay homage to Kubrick’s unforgettable film.


  • 2 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • Coca-Cola, frozen into ice cubes
  • a maraschino cherry
  • a couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar


1, Begin the day before or several hours ahead of time by freezing Coca-Cola into ice cubes. We recommend about 6 standard-sized cubes per cocktail.

2. In a blender, combine the frozen Coke cubes with Jack Daniel’s, blending on high until you have a smooth, slushy consistency that mirrors the Overlook’s icy surroundings. (You can add plain ice if you need to thicken the consistency, or a splash of cola if you need to thin it up a bit.)

3. Pour the mixture into a glass, we like a mason jar or highball for this slush, but you can use pretty much anything and it’ll look nifty. Jack would put it in an old-fashioned glass, but we all know Jack can be a dull boy.

4. For your garnish, pat dry a maraschino cherry and roll in granulated sugar. It gives the cherry a frosty, frozen finish. Plop on the top of your slush, and serve with a straw.

Raise a glass to one of the greatest haunted hotel films ever made, and let the Frozen Jack add an extra chill to your next movie night.

Are you a fan of The Shining? Let us know your favorite moments, or share a pic of your Frozen Jack over in the Nightmare on Film Street Discord!

the frozen jack horror movie cocktail inspired by the shining 2
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