If you’ve been ready to revisit Santa Carla and get a good dose of boardwalk games, beaches, and biker gang vampires since the CW announced this January that they were ordering a pilot for a The Lost Boys reboot…well, you might want to unpack your bags for now.

According to Deadline, while a great script was put together by writer Heather Mitchell (Scandal), and a pilot directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight)  was shot, “not all elements in the pilot came together in the execution”. And while this hopefully points to the network really wanting to put together a The Lost Boys series worth of the original horror comedy movie, the CW order does mean that a new pilot will be reworked and recastings may be imminent.


Previous casting news included Tyler Posey and Dakota Shapiro stepping into the roles of big brother Michael and vampire gang leader David (roles held  in 1987 by Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland), Kiele Sanchez taking over Dianne Wiest’s role as Lucy, and Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju as the Frog sisters (previously brothers played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander). There is no news at this as to whether any of these major roles will be changing.

The CW has been working on developing The Lost Boys since its 2016-17 development season, at which point Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars and iZombie fame) was first pick to write the series. Thomas has since been pulled into other projects — namely a Veronica Mars reboot for Hulu — but The Lost Boys remained on the network’s radar as something they definitely wanted to develop. That’s where Mitchell’s script came in to move the project forward. And move forward it has been moving until now. The CW doesn’t seem ready to throw the towel in yet (you might even say that The Lost Boys aren’t yet a lost cause).

We’ll have updates on The Lost Boys and whatever changes come out of this new pilot reworking as they are announced.

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