Danielle Harris’ INOPERABLE Coming to Theaters

Every hospital I have ever stepped foot in feels like an inescapable limbo specifically designed to entrap my family and destroy my soul. I can relate very well, then, to Christopher Lawrence Chapman’s new film Inoperable. The film, which premiered at last month’s FEARnyc Festival, stars Scream Queen Danielle Harris and is looking forward to a theatrical release this December.

In the film, Harris plays Amy, who is:


 …a woman in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching that has awakened malevolent forces inside. The woman realizes she is trapped in a time loop and must escape the hospital before the storm passes, or she will be trapped there forever.

Danielle Harris and Jeff Denton Star in Inoperable

The film will see a week-long distribution in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Cleveland and Minneapolis starting December 1st. Harris, who rose to fame as everyone’s favorite niece in 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers and 1989’s Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers. These films, while perhaps over-titled, were welcomed by some (incorrect) fans of the Halloween universe as they brought back Meyers after the series had the temerity to try an installment without his familiar shape. Harris also enjoyed another run at Michael in Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween and Halloween II, as well as a celebrated turn as Marybeth in two Hatchet sequels.

Patients aren't treated that well in Inoperable

The film also stars Katie Keene (ClownTown), Jeff Denton (The Hitchhiker) and Cher Hubsher (The Amityville Terror). Christopher Lawrence Chapman wrote the film alongside Jeff Miller, whose Millman Productions and Zorya Films produced. If you aren’t near one of the cities listed above, you may have to wait a little while before catching the picture. As of right now, there is no news regarding a VOD or home release, but we here at Nightmare on Film Street will update you when any information is made available.


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