Dark Sky Films’ Dead Night, formerly Applecart during its festival run, will be available September 11th on DVD. While it has been available on digital platforms since July 27, this will be its physical premiere with only a DVD release being available.

Via the official press release from Dark Sky Films, Dead Night is “a blood-curdling thriller from the team behind John Dies at the End” about “James and his wife Casey [who] load up their teenage kids and head to a remote cabin in Oregon for a weekend trip. When James ventures into the dark, snowy forest in search of firewood, he encounters a woman hidden in the frozen terrain and barely alive. James brings her back to the cabin for help, but the family has no way of knowing that the woman’s presence will be the catalyst for a series of horrifying events and bloody carnage that will change their lives forever.




Dead Night premiered at the 2017 Fantastic Fest. The film stars genre mainstays AJ Bowen (The Guest, You’re Next) and Brea Grant (A Ghost Story, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II) as well as genre vet Barbara Crampton (Re-animator, From Beyond, You’re Next). Dead Night also stars Sophie Dalah (Satanic), Joshua Hoffman, and Elise Luthman. Dead Night is the directorial debut of Bradford Burah who was jack of many trades behind the scenes of Phantasm: Ravager. Story and screenplay is cowritten by Irving Walker. Don Coscarelli (Phantasm) holds a producer credit.

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Dark Sky Films is an independent film production and distribution label founded in 2008, working with emerging talent as well as established veterans to develop, package, produce and finance feature film and episodic television projects. Representing films from some of the most talented directors working today, such as Ti West’s The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, and Jim Mickle’s Stake Land, Dark Sky continues to identify original talent and projects to bring a vibrant slate of films to the world market, with such recent releases and productions such as We Are Still Here, Deathgasm, Applesauce and Emelie.

Have you given Dead Night a watch since it premiered on digital platforms? If so, will you be picking up the DVD on its September 11th release date?


dead night
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