Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has been warming the hearts and soothing the souls of horror fans for almost seven years now. It is consistently listed as one of the best horror-comedies of this century, alongside classics like Shaun of the Dead (2004), Cabin in the Woods (2012) and Slither (2006). Fans all over the world have been clamoring for a sequel to the Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine-starring film, but that ship looks to have sailed a few years ago due to a terrible script. We can still hope, however, and in the mean time we can enjoy a host of new behind the scenes videos from director Eli Craig.

On both his Facebook page and the Official Page for the film, Craig uploaded three amazing videos showing the makings of a few of the action shots in the film. We first caught wind of this development thanks to John Squires aka Freddy In Space over at at Bloody Disgusting. These videos represent a true behind the scenes look at how low-budget films get made. They are refreshingly real and you can tell that the actors and crew truly enjoyed working on the set.


The first video is pretty long, but it’s definitely worth it! It depicts one of my favorite scenes, wherein Dale is innocently clearing some logs with the assistance of a wood chipper. Make sure that you stay until the end to catch Alan Tudyk’s reaction.

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The second video is a little shorter, but it again features Alan Tudyk as Tucker. In this scene, the scene calls for Alan to run and hide behind a log. As is the case with most things involving Tudyk, hilarity ensues.

In the final video, we get to see Tyler Ladine as everyone’s favorite hillbilly, Dale. He is joined by Katrina Bowden who plays Allison, Dale’s love interest. They are choreographing a hilarious action sequence wherein Dale will accidentally hit Allison on the head with a shovel.

Thank you to Eli Craig for this look behind the scenes of one of our absolute favorite films. While you wait for the sequel, check out Craig’s new project, Little Evil, exclusively on Netflix.