The 80s. It may almost be the 2020s, but the nostalgia is strong for the 1980s – as reflected in current pop culture favourites like Stranger ThingsIt, Ready Player One, and the latest Transformers movie, Bumblebee. Somebody should make a documentary, and wouldn’t you know it – somebody has!

The crowd-funded documentary In Search of Darkness is all about 80s horror. “Celebrating horror’s most iconic decade,” this new trailer gives you one last chance to open up your wallet and support the project before the film is released to backers this summer.

Through their Indiegogo site, the makers of In Search of Darkness promise a film that brings “the Horror community together to celebrate the most iconic era in cinema history.” The have hundreds of hours of interviews with more than 40 of the biggest figures from horror in the 80s including actors Heather Langenkamp, Keith David, Jeffrey Combs, Bill Moseley, and Kane Hodder, and directors Joe Dante, Tom Hollands, Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, and Sean S. Cunningham.

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Through these interviews, director David Weiner hopes to cover a variety of topics including the socio-political inspirations of the time, the effects of the explosion of VHS and home video, the skill and artistry of practical effects in the era, the rise of B-movie stars like Bruce Campbell and Robert Englund, and yes, some of the best scenes and kills from the movies.

“[W]e want to make a documentary that is dedicated just to the iconic horror movies made during the ’80s,” says the Indiegogo page for In Search of Darkness. “We love ’80s Horror – not just the characters, the stories, and the personalities (as if that weren’t enough), but also the artwork, the incredible practical special effects and the way these stories were a reflection of the era itself. This decade is more than deserving of its own documentary.”

The Indiegogo campaign closes on March 31st, and the film will be released to backers sometime in late July.

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