The Blair Witch Project co-creator Eduardo Sanchez is on board to direct a new horror comedy film titled Sinkhole 2 for On Deck Films, LLC. Sinkhole 2 is co-written by Jaime Nash who also wrote the 2014 Bigfoot horror film Exists and 2011’s Lovely Molly, both of which were directed by Sanchez. No official cast for Sinkhole 2 has been announced at this time.


Angry sinkholes attack a small, nondescript town, engulfing people and buildings one by one. These ravenous monsters appear without warning, sucking terrorized townsfolk (including a former-porn-star-turned-reality-show-celebrity) into oblivion. Enter a seismological specialist with a secret past, hellbent on revenge. He joins forces with the local sheriff, who is on a personal mission to save his own daughter and town. Can this unlikely duo abort these monstrous cracks of death? Will our heroes survive overwhelming forces of nature with potentially explosive consequences? Can they combat a skeptical mayor with ulterior motives who will stop at nothing to serve his own selfish gains.

Eduardo Sanchez is best known for the 1999 found footage horror classic The Blair Witch Project. In addition to Sinkhole 2, we recently reported on his involvement in a Blair Witch TV series, and you can read about it here. On Deck Films, LLC’s production and creative teams are behind the award winning horror comedy The Night Watchmen.


Press Release:
Under the banner of new production company On Deck Films, LLC, internationally renowned director Eduardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch Project is set to helm a new comedy feature, SINKHOLE 2, co-penned with The Night Watchmen’s Jaime Nash (Exists, Lovely Molly).

On Deck Films’ creative and producing partners are primary team members of the new award-winning horror comedy feature The Night Watchmen, which releases November 21st on multiple platforms. On Deck Films was established by TNW co-producers and co-stars Ken Arnold (“Revolution,” “Veep,” “Blue Bloods”) and Dan DeLuca (“The Wire,” Crazy Eights, Two-Minute Heist) along with founding partner Robert Neal Marshall (Game Change, “Veep”) and award-winning actor Matt Servitto (“The Sopranos,” “Banshee”). This dynamic production follows in the growing wake of The Night Watchmen’s non-stop festival success and commercial distribution, including multiple Best Feature awards. International distribution is via Automatic Entertainment with domestic distribution through Gravitas Ventures.

A cross between Airplane, The Naked Gun, Earthquake, Jaws, and Tremors, SINKHOLE 2 is an irreverent, outrageous, and comedic marathon adventure that pays homage to the classic sci-fi, horror, and disaster genres. Sanchez, Nash, Arnold, DeLuca, Marshall, and Servitto believe SINKHOLE 2 will become the next independent cult blockbuster hit. If four inept Night Watchmen and some vicious Clownpires can consistently win over audiences, there is no stopping what will happen in the path of SINKHOLE 2!


Sinkhole 2 sounds like a lot of ridiculous fun, and I’ll definitely be checking it out. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!