Yeah, we know. The Blumhouse remake that everyone’s talking about right now is Halloween. And we get it. I mean, have you seen Blumhouse’s Halloween trailer? That’s a moment in horror history itself! But remember, the House of Blum has many rooms. There will always be exciting horror films on the horizon at that studio. That includes modern updates on horror legacy films. Today, we got the latest bit of news about just that type of movie. As reported by Variety, director Fatih Akin is directing the next adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter.

Akin made waves with the 2017 revenge flick Into the Fade. He joins screenwriter Scott Teems and Paranormal Activity producer Akiva Goldsman to re-adapt the Stephen King novel. As you probably already know, Firestarter first hit the big screen in 1984, starring a young Drew Barrymore in the titular role. Barrymore played a young girl gifted with the power of pyrokinesis, whose inability to control her powers leads to terror for those around her. Fans of the original 1984 adaptation will be excited to learn that Martha de Laurentiis, who was an associate producer of the Barrymore adaptation, will executive produce the Blumhouse remake.


The fact that another studio is throwing its hat into the Stephen King-adaptation ring isn’t surprising. Last year’s It is still on everyone’s minds, and it is driving everyone who can afford the film rights to go after of King’s royalties (King’s royalties, right? Haha, I need people to like me). But remember, this isn’t always a guarantee of success. Keep in mind, the 2013 adaptation of Carrie did not wow audiences. Some might argue that’s because Sissy Spacek’s version was just so iconic for that story. Similarly, the Drew Barrymore Firestarter has cemented itself as a Stephen King icon. Will the remake catch on and spread, or, like Carrie before it, will it get snuffed out?

Those were some fire puns, folks. You’re welcome.

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