A Nightmare on Elm Street fans rejoice! It appears iconic killer Freddy Krueger is joining the villains of Dead By Daylight! Dead by Daylight is the multiplayer horror game in which one player assumes the role of a supernatural villain who chases down the remaining victims, each trying to sneak around undetected in an effort to open the gates and escape the round unscathed.

Freddy Krueger would be Dead By Daylight‘s latest licensed addition, adding to increasingly impressive roster of foes. Last year, they added iconic slasher villain Michael Myers of the Halloween Franchise. And, just last month the team added Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – who is currently playable on the PC version and will be added to consoles in the near future.


We’ve no specific details yet on the playable stats of our new villain, only the teaser trailer (above) that was just posted by the Dead By Daylight team. The video, entitled “Don’t Fall Asleep”, just barely teases our upcoming claw-fingered assailant.

It will be interesting to see what the playable version of a Freddy Krueger villain would entail. The Michael Myers DLC came with it’s own Haddonfield map, and even a new hero fashioned after famous final girl, Laurie Strode. We expect a similar treatment for Freddy. Hopefully a map that embodies a kind of dream world; a warped reality would be the perfect setting for a slasher villain who deals in dreams.  For Freddy’s special skills, we’d love to see some sort of shape-shifting abilities, and larger than life proportions. Perhaps some kind of grapple technique utilizing Freddy’s iconic extendable arms.

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No matter which way Dead By Daylight goes with their new Freddy Krueger addition, we’re sure it will be every players nightmare..


Dead by Daylight is available on PC, XBOX ONE, and PS4. If you play Dead by Daylight on PC, you can purchase the added Leatherface DLC right now. We’re all going to have to sleep tight for the Freddy Krueger release, however. No word as of yet when it will be released.

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