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[Fund This] A Disgraced Software Engineer Builds An AI Replica of Himself in Sci-Fi Horror Short ADAM2

Art thrives in adversity and the COVID-19 Pandemic has helped show us that no matter how insurmountable the odds, creators will always find a way to bring their vision to life. Indie filmmaking is the frontline of creativity in Hollywood and thanks to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, fans have the opportunity to get involved in the projects they want to see succeed.

Indie filmmakers Nath Milburn and Luke Baker founded Lil’ Baker Films in October of 2020 as a means to keep themselves productive and to show the world the kind of movies they want to see on the big screen. Their first short film VODI was a genre-mashup of live-action and animation, self-described as “Argento-style Giallo horror with pre-Renaissance Disney wackiness“. And now, only 1 calendar year since their inception, Lil’ Baker Films is gearing up to put together their most ambitious project yet: Adam2.

Adam2 is a sci-fi horror short film that follows a disgraced software engineer who creates an AI replica of himself, much to the chagrin of his mechanical engineer wife who is tasked with building it a body. The short will star William Castrogiovanni and Alicia Blasingamev, and you can help bring this passion project to life right now by visiting the official Kickstarter page for Adam2 HERE.


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Adam2 Concept Art. Credit: Lil Baker Films


The crowdfunding campaign for Adam2 is in its final week and the creative madmen behind the project are just a few backers away from reaching their incredibly modest goal. Backers can enjoy special thanks credits on IMDB, digital screeners of the finished film, access to a private Discord with the cast & crew, merch, posters, merch, and much much more. Click HERE for more info on how to get invlived with this project and to become a patron of the dark arts.

Lil’ Baker Films was created by Nath Milburn and Luke Baker, mid-pandemic in Oct of 2020. It was intended mostly to feel productive and dream of a time when the world could make art safely again, but also to finally get off their butts and show the world the sort of movies they want to see. With a passion for horror, thriller, pulp, and sci-fi, Lil’ Baker Films created their first short film: VODI. After diving through a story involving animation, fantasy, and folklore, now it’s time to jump into the world of robotics. Now is the time of ADAM2.

ADAM2 will be directed by Luke Baker from his own script, with Lil’ Baker Films co-founder Nath Milburn producing. You can reach out to the Luke & Nath anytime to chat or ask questions about the project on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and via email at


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