That’s right! Evil Dead 2 (1987) is getting new life as a Board Game thanks to Jasco Games who have also produced tabletop games for other popular properties like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Cowboy Bebop and designer Lynnvander Studios, That is, so long as they reach their funding goal! Evil Dead 2 The Board Game is being funded through Kickstarter the popular crowdfunding site.

If you were thinking “Wait a second, wasn’t there already a Kickstarter campaign for an Evil Dead 2 Board Game,” then you’re right! Unfortunately, that campaign joined the many campaigns that never made it into the hands of their backers. What’s worse is there was never any refund issued.


But this campaign is not associated with the first board game. In fact, Jasco Games seems to have taken the swindling of Evil Dead fans to heart. One of the major takeaways from this campaign is their commitment to send a free (+shipping) copy of the new game to those who were cheated by the original even though they had nothing to do with it! Jasco is calling this a “Heartthrob Campaign” in which profit is not the primary goal but rather to get this great game into the hands of as many fans as possible!

Speaking of the great game itself, it really looks like a lot of fun!

Evil Dead 2 The Board Game is a wild romp through the cult classic film. Players will fend off Deadites, search the cabin for items and Necronomicon pages, and attempt to close the portal before evil is unleashed upon the world. But beware! You can’t trust everyone, and at a moment’s notice you might find that your allies are working for evil!

Evil Dead 2 The Board Game is pretty straightforward and focuses on finding items, battling Deadites, and dealing with possessed players. Check out the project video below to see it in action. As of this writing, the project sits at $47,677 of its $195,000 goal with 20 days to go. You can get Evil Dead 2 The Board Game through a $59 pledge which includes everything you need to play including gameboards, a rulebook, a deck of 47 cards, 3 dice, and a whopping 46 miniatures!

The beta rulebook is available on the Kickstarter page to download for free, so you can see how to play before you decide to back the project. If you’re a fan of Evil Dead 2, this is one Kickstarter campaign you don’t want to miss. Coming from someone who is familiar with tabletop gaming, the pledge is worth it for just those sweet minis! And the focus on giving back to fans who were previously cheated is also pretty cool!

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