More good news for horror fans in 2018. It looks like we may be getting that Happy Death Day sequel after all. According to Production Weekly, the sequel begins filming this upcoming May in New Orleans. Happy Death Day was released last October, becoming a breakout hit for Universal Studios and Blumhouse Productions. The Groundhog Day-inspired horror film grossed approximately $55 million on a budget that flew just south of $5 million.



Surprise Box Office Hit

Christopher B. Landon directed the inventive and surprisingly fun Happy Death Day. In a breakout role, Jessica Rothe played selfish sorority girl “Tree” Gelbman, who finds herself re-living a loop her own murder. Similar to the Bill Murray classic, Tree loops through the same day over and over until she can solve her killer’s identity.

In spite of its PG-13 rating, Happy Death Day proved to be a clever subversion of the slasher film. Landon effectively delivered scares and laughs in equal measures. Rothe delivered a strong performance, fleshing out what could have been two-dimensional character. Most importantly, Happy Death Day delivered a few surprises in its story, a nice plus for cynical horror fans.


Scant Information Available About the Sequel

To date, there is little information available about what direction the sequel may follow. Rothe has hinted that the next instalment may take some cues from Back to the Future. In addition, Landon has suggested that any sequel would explore what caused Tree’s time loop in the first film. Both Landon and Rothe are returning as director and star, respectively.


For more Happy Death Day news, read our review of the film, and stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street for all development news on the upcoming sequel. Want to share your thoughts? Head to our Horror Group on Facebook!


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