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Ghoul The School This Year with These Killer Outfits From The Subtle Slasher

From their headquarters at Haunted Hill, Transylvania (wink-wink) The Subtle Slasher, the pioneering online shop in the realm of the ‘Casually Creepy”, proudly announces the launch of its bewitching Back to School collection. Providing a range of products that cater to the horror aficionado in every setting, The Subtle Slasher is redefining style and individuality. 

And best of all, Nightmare on Film Street listeners can get 10% off the new Back-To-School collection right now by using offer code “nightmare10” at checkout! Show everyone you’re the coolest ghoul in school this year, and save a little extra dough for bribing your way onto the honor roll 😉

Express your inner darkness free from disapproving glares.

With a keen understanding of the allure of the dark & thrilling, The Subtle Slasher has skillfully crafted a curated selection of horror-themed products that leave a lasting impression while escaping the notice of your local pitchfork wielding mob. Designed for those navigating strict school dress codes, conservative workplaces, or family gatherings, The Subtle Slasher’s expansive catalog ensures you can express your love for the macabre while maintaining an air of cheeky fun. 

The Back to School collection introduces an array of mesmerizing items, including backpacks, notebooks, sneakers, and more, all designed to empower individuals in any setting. Each piece has been carefully designed to pass even the most rigorous dress code check while letting you showcase your distinct personality.

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Express your inner darkness free from disapproving glares. “School can be especially difficult for Horror Fans,” said The Subtle Slasher founder, Kelsi Swensen. “Any effort to express yourself is often shut down. Our products are a celebration of individuality and the beauty of the horror genre, and we aim to give all our fellow ghouls out there an outlet to celebrate their unique personalities without having to deal with negativity or stigma. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a family- oriented individual, you can give yourself a little bit of daily joy by wearing your love for all things horror right on your sleeve.

As a horror fan, you wouldn’t be caught dead having pre-marital sex at Camp Crystal Lake or doing drugs in Haddonfield on Halloween night- and you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing a boring old wardrobe to class that doesn’t subtely express your love for the strange and unusual.

Use offer code “nightmare10” to get 10% your next order at

Head to now and grab yourself a killer new outfit rule ghoul the school. Use the offer code “nightmare10” at checkout to get 10% your order and share your creepy new look with us on instagram. But make sure to tag @TheSubtleSlasher or you’ll wind up in horror nerd detention 😈

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