GREMLINS RECALL: The Only Fan Film You Will Ever Need

I wrote an article about a week ago on how Gremlins, the finest Christmas movie ever made (go ahead and try to fight me on that), is returning to theaters all across the country for special event showings. These one-night-only shows are fun and all, but we are hungry for more! Now, thanks to director Ryan Patrick, we have Gremlins Recall, an unofficial fan film that is guaranteed to be the best thing that you see today.

Gremlins Recall


What if a company developed a shot that made owning a Mogwai safe for you and your family? In this new short, they have apparently done just that. Wing, a definitely-not-shady company, has supposedly created a serum that allows you to own a Mogwai without any risk of Gremlinization. According to the television ad that opens the short, you can feed them after midnight, get them wet and allow them direct exposure to sunlight. They even offer white-glove delivery to your door! Who wouldn’t love to take your Mogwai out for a walk? They could wear one of those tiny baby-harnesses and everything!

As everyone knows, no medication works 100% of the time. This is where Owen (Randy Irwin) comes in. He is, as he tells diner waitress Claire (Katherine Rodriguez), less white-glove delivery person and more repo-man. His job is to take into custody those Mogwai that have been unaffected by the medication and, we assume, return them to Wing to be destroyed. After a lapse in judgement from Claire, we have some full fledged Gremlins on our hands and it’s up to her, Owen, and adorable Mogwai Trink to stop them before they get away.

Gremlins Recall was shot over only three days by Patrick and cinematographer Isaac Bauman. The practical creature effects were created by Eric Fox, star of Syfy’s Face Off. Russ Howard and Grand Soleil provided the film with an amazing synth soundtrack that you can listen to here:


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