10 Warning Signs That Your Neighbor is a Monster

Does your neighbor keep odd hours? Is their house super spooky and run down? Maybe they’re reclusive or bringing strangers home who never seem to leave. Well, if you’ve wondered whether these are signs that your neighbor is a monster, you’re in luck! This list will give you 10 Warning Signs Your Neighbor is a Monster!


Disturbia (2007)

Does your neighbor drive the same car as a serial killer at large?

When juvenile delinquent Kale Brecht is under house arrest for the summer, he fills his boring days by spying on his neighbors. After noticing his old neighbor’s car matches the description of a serial killer mentioned on the news, he becomes obsessed with finding the truth putting his family and friends at deadly risk. A car on its own may not be enough to know for sure, but read on and see if your neighbor fits any of the other warning signs!


Rear Window (1954)

Do you hear screams and see your neighbor coming and going at odd hours?

Wheelchair-bound B. Jeffries alleviates the boredom of recovering from his broken leg by watching the apartments across from his through his rear window. One thing about this kind of entertainment is that it affords for plenty of naps ensuring you are awake to spy on your neighbors at 2AM. That’s when Jeffries hears some screams followed by one of the neighbors leaving and returning to the apartment several times through the night. Sure that may not mean much, but when Jeffries notices that the neighbor’s wife is suddenly nowhere to be seen, all signs point to murder!


Fright Night (1985)

Have you seen missing persons visiting your neighbor before their disappearance?

Speaking of missing persons, teenager Charley Brewster becomes suspicious of his new neighbor after a visitor mistakes his house for the neighbor’s. When that visitor appears as “missing” on the morning news, Brewster becomes convinced that his neighbor is at the very least a murderer, but after also witnessing his neighbor biting into the neck of yet another visitor, it’s pretty clear he’s dealing with a vampire! Up to this point, we’ve dealt with run-of-the-mill human killers, but how exactly do you convince a police officer to investigate a vampire? Well when that fails, use the warning signs to help you take on this creature of the night yourself!


The Wretched (2019)


Did your neighbor’s personality change suddenly without explanation?

Vampires aren’t the only thing to worry about as child of divorce Ben comes to find. Spending the summer with his father, he notices that the mother next door slowly changes in personality. When children begin to go missing, Ben becomes suspicious. After researching a local witch known for possessing people, he notices the signs of possession in people surrounding him leading to final scramble to save those he loves. It’s tough to deal with an ancient supernatural force, but when that danger is just a couple of doors down, someone needs to do something about it!


I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016)

i am not a serial killer horror streaming netflix

Have you seen your neighbor display some inhuman features?

Okay, so maybe this one is a little on-the-nose, but you don’t really get much warning when your neighbor is some kind of cosmic horror do you? Young sociopath John Cleaver learns this awful quick after witnessing his elderly neighbor Bill Crowley murder a man with an alien appendage and swap out his organs for the dead man’s. Desperate to stop the killings while also grappling with his own homicidal tendencies, John must outsmart his inhuman neighbor in order to put an end to his spree. And of course to put an end to the hunger within himself!


The Burbs (1989)

the burbs

Are your neighbors trash bags abnormally large?

There seems to be a trend here with characters with the most time usually being the ones to notice their monstrous neighbors. But in this case, Ray Peterson isn’t the only one to notice the odd behavior of the new neighbors the Klopeks. Chief among those sketchy behaviors is the freakish teenage son of the Klopeks’ and his large trash bags which he shoves into the trash can. Luckily, Ray has a whole band with which to investigate… and with whom to share the blame when the plan goes wrong!


Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

Did your neighbor stick you with their creepy kid out of nowhere?

Alright getting to know your neighbors is definitely important in case of an emergency, but dumping your young kid off with complete strangers is a little strange. Its particularly strange when that kid turns out to be super creepy talking about imaginary friends and climbing into your bed at night. Among other creepy occurrences! Add to that a gathering of black robes figures while your neighbor is away, and you’ve got a recipe for quite the supernatural kerfuffle! So if your neighbor whom you’ve never met turns up at your door and asks you to watch their kid, take it as at least a small warning sign that your neighbor may not be exactly normal.


Summer of 84 (2018)

Does your obsession with urban legends and conspiracy theories make you paranoid or hyper vigilant?

Paranoia can be unreasonable but in cases such as Davey Armstrong’s it can be justified. A child serial killer is on the loose in Cape May, Oregon and Davey suspects his neighbor, Officer Wayne Mackey. While most blow him off, Davey is convinced after gathering more and more convincing evidence. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to convince others to partake in your paranoia as Davey comes to find. Though he does eventually succeed, the cost is high leaving him with a more heightened sense of paranoia than before. If there’s one positive about that, it’s that at least you aren’t likely to miss any of the warning signs!


The People Under the Stairs (1991)

Are you thinking of burglarizing your greedy landlord’s place?

This one is a little less warning sign and a little more of a heads up. When Poindexter “Fool” Williams teams up with a couple of local burglars to take some of the money back from his slumlords who call themselves Mommy and Daddy, he never expected to find what he did. Sure the other neighbors on this list are supernatural monsters or murderers, but these take the cake as they hold dozens of children captive in a dungeon underground! Fool becomes their only hope for rescue and after escaping, takes it upon himself to do exactly that while also ensuring that Mommy and Daddy’s reign of greed also comes to an end. Throw in a bit of redistribution if wealth and you’ve got a pretty good ending if you ask me!


The Good Neighbor (2016)

Sometimes, to find the monster in your neighborhood you just have to look in the mirror.

It’s easy to look across your street or into a neighbors open window and make assumptions. The reclusive old man at the end of the street may be a secret killer or monster of some sort, especially if they fit more than one of these warning signs! But more often than not, they are simply regular people. So friends Ethan and Sean come to find about their reclusive neighbor Grainey. After setting up an elaborate prank to convince Grainey he is being haunted, they realize they may have gone too far. Grainey, at first appearing nonplussed regarding the “haunting,” eventually is brought to a breaking point. Revealed in flashbacks and flash-forwards are both Grainey’s past and the consequences of Sean and Ethan’s actions respectively, revealing who the true monsters of the neighborhood are.

While these warning signs are a good guide to determine whether you’ve got a monster living next door, it’s important to take some time for self-reflection. The easiest way to make sure your neighbors are on the up and up is to get to know them. Introduce yourself, find out what you have in common. You might find that the neighbor you believed to be a monster may be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! Or, you know, they’ll find you sweet after they’ve cooked you up in their oven!

What did you think of these warning signs? Have you notices any of these in your own neighbors? Are there any other warning signs that we missed? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook Group!


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