Sitting within Netflix’s horror library is a Canadian anthology series that truly envelops everything within its title. That series is Slasher, and if you haven’t yet binged the first two seasons of the gory whodunnit, then seek it out! We’ve just learned via the official Slasher twitter that we will soon be treated to a third season. And, not only is it in the works.. but it’s already in production!



With this news being released just yesterday, there are no specific details. We can safely assume that Netflix will be the place to find the third season, and that series creator Aaron Martin will be at the helm.


The first season of Slasher told the tale of Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath, Jurassic World, Supergirl), a lady who returns to the town where she grew up to face a few personal demons, and gain a whole slew of new ones thanks to this season’s titular slasher, The Executioner. The killer seems to have a personal vendetta against Sarah as – per slasher rules – everyone dear or just near to Sarah begins to die in gruesome ways. This first season was shown on the now-defunct US horror TV channel Chiller, and on Super Channel in Canada.

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Netflix swooped in, and picked up the show for a second season, this time with the subtitle of Guilty Party. This season featured a group of camp counselors reuniting to finally cover up a secret  (totally a murder) they committed years ago at the camp which has been turned into a healing resort. Thanks to a snowstorm, and few unhappy incidents, the group becomes stranded at the resort along with the resort’s residents, and the blood begins to splatter the walls. Literally. They do not hold back on the gore.

Have you seen any episodes of Slasher? Which season stood out for you? Even better, which kill stood out for you? Splatter the walls in the comments below, over on Twitter, or in our Horror Group on Facebook!


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