Do you wanna watch a horror movie, but you’ve got somewhere to be in the next hour? Check out horror short film Saint Frankenstein, now available for free on Vimeo! Coming in under eighteen minutes, including credits, the project is a moody and verbose tale of redemption and revenge.

From the short’s IMDb page:

A call girl who comes to visit a badly scarred client at a rundown motel gets a lot more than she bargained for once her clothing is shed and a mysterious history begins to unfold.

As you may have gathered from the synopsis, there’s a lot of nudity in this short film. I’m usually a huge proponent of wasting company time if you find you’re getting paid just to stand around, waiting for customers, but this is definitely one you shouldn’t watch at work. That being said, I don’t know what your job is like. If your boss is fine with your computer screen having naked monster people on it, lean into it.


Saint Frankenstein was initially released in 2015, but now you can see it *for free* on Vimeo! Vimeo is a great platform for short films, which is convenient because there aren’t very many venues for the format. Film festivals will show short films, and an anthology film is made of shorts so that kinda counts, but in 2018 it isn’t commonplace for a theater to screen a short before a feature presentation (outside of Pixar films), which is a real shame. Fingers crossed a brave studio comes out to lead the charge and make this the norm again.

Did you watch Saint Frankenstein? What’d you think? Did your boss get onto you, even though I specifically told you not to watch this at work? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section of this article! For more horror news, keep your browser locked on Nightmare on Film Street.



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