The mind that gave a our generation a fear of a haunted STI will now create nightmares using another part of the body that one just cannot escape from… The ear.

THR is reporting that David Robert Mitchell, director and writer of It Follows, plans to adapt a horror short for Legendary Entertainment and The Picture Company. The short, They Hear It, was written by Julian Terry, and “revolves around a mysterious presence called ‘The Sound,’ that once heard by anyone has terrible consequences.” When the project was picked up back in July, Deadline reported that the “The Sound” specifically attracts children. THR noted that the short has been bringing comparisons of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Stephen King’s IT while Deadline describes comparisons to A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Mitchell be adapting the short into a feature-length film. He proved with It Follows that he knows how to tell a story bleeding with suspense and characterization. He recently debuted his new film, Under the Silver Lake, at Cannes. The noir is distributed by A24 (Hereditary, The VVitch), and starring Andrew Garfield.

Directing duties will go to creator of They Hear It, Julian Terry. Terry has been making waves in the horror community since he won New Line’s Annabelle Creation‘s promotional short film contest with his short The Nurse. Another short of his, Whisper, has also been making the rounds on the net. Personally, I found Whisper to be incredibly creepy. The 2 minute short takes place in a girl’s bedroom as she’s trying to go to sleep, and her Alexa like device keeps going off. “I’m sorry, but did you say ‘Come find me’?” asks the device. Give it a watch, below, for some heebie jeebies.



They Hear It could be quite the horror film with the combination of David Robert Mitchell and Julian Terry. What do you think of the potential? Did Julian Terry’s The Whisper or The Nurse creep you out? Let us know in the comments below, over on Twitter, or in our Horror Group on Facebook!


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