It’s Hot As Hell This Month at Nightmare on Film Street!

August is too damn hot. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been locked up inside more this summer than any other year of my life, or because the flames of Hell of finally started to engulf us all… but August is too damn hot. Maybe it’s global warming. Maybe it’s all the outdoor patio seating. Maybe I’m just a big baby, complaining about an August heatwave that hasn’t even actually hit us yet. But I think we can agree, August is too damn hot. It’s positively hellish out there right now and there’s only one cure for heat sweat: Fear Sweat! That’s right, we’re sweating to the scaries this August at Nightmare on Film Street with a month-long celebration of fire & brimstone, demons & devils,  as well as people, places, and things, that are hot! hot! hot!

Horror fans are a strange breed. We tailor our movie-watching unlike anyone else. We cheer on killer Santas at Christmas, find romance with a ghost or two at Valentine’s Day, and use every anniversary (big or small) to revisit our favorites. I don’t think any of my rom-com obsessed friends would drop everything and rewatch Sleepless in Seatle just because it happened to be Tom Hanks birthday. But you wouldn’t have to look far to find a horror fan screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! while watching The Burbs for the 13th time. And as much as I’m complaining about the heat now, I’m soon be complaining about the several months of cold waiting for us all at the end of the calendar. Might as well make the best of the time we’ve got, pop in a tape, and bask in the wonder of a cinematic hellscape. No sense worrying about the very real fireball in the sky roasting us all like plump round potatoes when there a perfectly good inferno on the television featuring Cenobites, Satans, and all manner of sweltering summer camp slashers!




This month on the Nightmare on Film Street podcast we’re opening the gates the Hell which, surprisingly, can be found in the basement of a creepy old house, New Zealand, and (for some reason) outer space! There is simply no containing the power of the underworld, and no one knows that better than Julio Ibarra, who will be diving deep into the Satanic influences (and missteps) of The Devil’s Rain in his August edition of Devils in The Details. You know, that movie where William Shatner goes toe-to-toe against a Satanic Priest that has the power to turn into a goat and melt his adversaries. Oh, and I urge you to keep a fire extinguisher close by as you read Joshua Brook’s Anderson’s Where [sc]Are They Now? Because it’s about to get HOT in here as he revisits the work of Viggo Mortensen. Any Eastern Promises fans in the building??

What’s that? You’re in desperate need of something a little more PG to let that inner child of yours out while you’re still dealing with those dark mornings of the quarantined soul? Mac Jones has got you covered with one hell of a good time with his Saturday Morning Scares recommendation, with complimentary breakfast cereal pairings! But that’s only the 1st circle of this hilarious horror hellscape. Jessica Rose is dropping herself into a ring of fire as she analyzes Stephen King’s Firestarter and Carrie. Mary Beth McAndrews will be arguing for Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a proto-Mumblegore film, and Adam Donaldson is bound to take some heat in his defense of 2003’s Teaxas Chainsaw Massacre as August’s Remake Redemption. We’ve got a 2020 re-evaluation of The Burning (including some red hot promo merch for the slasher classic!). We’re even serving you heavy metal realness with a Rachel Reeve’s Terror on The Turntable dissection of The Devil’s Candy killer score!



And you know we have more sights to show you! We’ve got breakdowns of our favorite firey fight sequences, characters melting away into puddles of disgusting goo, and even a breakdown of awkward scenes in horror movies that get their characters naked for no damn reason. It’s gonna be hot as hell outside this month, and we’re doing out best to make sure we’re delivering the hottest, steamiest horror content the internet has to offer.

I highly encourage you to follow each and every one of the writers on the NOFS TEAM so you don’t miss a thing but, as always, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club! Let us know which articles you’re most excited to read, what demons you’re battling this month, and (of course) which horror movies you’re watching to beat this damn heat.


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