Okay so the trailer for Halloween has been released, and we only have four more months to go. Now is the time when we absorb every interview, every image, and every teaser, hoping to learn something new. Last week, Sunrise TV, out of Australia, aired a small featurette on the upcoming Halloween film. Lucky for us, Nelson Aspen had the chance to sit down with Jamie Lee Curtis to discuss the film.

Visiting a character after forty years poses a lot of questions. Thankfully we are getting the same fantastic actress who introduced the character to us, back again. Jamie Lee Curtis describes the character of Laurie Strode as a “beautifully drawn portrait”. She was relatable to all of us awkward, shy teens out there. We will always be thankful for Curtis bringing that to the role. As Curtis explains:

What they created was such an everyman, such a real human being, vulnerable, little quirky, little nerdy. It was like, the perfect person to give an audience to care about and then introduce this very blank evil.


But that was Laurie Strode before Halloween night. After that, this perfectly ordinary teenage girl experienced the worst night ever. David Gordon Green’s Halloween is aims to give us a glimpse into the Laurie Strode from after that night. Laurie is a survivor, and still dealing with PTSD. Laurie has been traumatised, but she’s had forty years to prepare to face the boogeyman again.

While John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween allowed us to follow Dr. Sam Loomis as he hunts down Michael, 2018’s Halloween follows Laurie in a similar role. Curtis explains that “in a weird way she has become the new Loomis character”. She has had forty years to try and understand what happened. Similarly, Loomis had studied Michael Myers for 15 years. He knew he had to stop Michael because he was pure evil. And now his fight continues through Laurie Strode.

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Are you excited to see Laurie step into this role? Halloween opens on October 19th, 2018.