There’s no doubt about it, action star Frank Grillo is having a very good year. The lead of The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year has been busy collaborating with top tier producers, filming in multiple cities, and releasing films left and right all while staying in tip-top shape, I might add. Grillo has recently added another thriller to his docket, a Netflix original remake of Point Blank.

It gets even better!

Point Blank, originally based off of Fred Cavayé’s 2010 crime drama Point Blank (Á bout portant), will be a full length film released on Netflix and will be directed by Joe Lynch. Lynch is known for his taut, action-packed, carnage decorated films like the corporate office horror, Mayhem and female vengeance drama, Everly. This one will definitely be bloody, folks.


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Point Blank’s premise will differ from the original slightly, giving us a alternate storyline following a murder suspect, played by Grillo, wounded in a hospital who forces a nurse, played by Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Infinity War, The Hurt Locker) to get him out in order to save his pregnant wife from a bunch of real criminals. Mackie and Grillo were on opposing ends of the roles spectrum in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War , but it looks like the two will be a serious force to be reckoned with together in this!

Wait, there’s more!

The script will be penned by Adam G. Simon (Man Down) and produced by Grillo and Joe Carnahan’s production banner, War Party. Carnahan, being Grillo’s perfect pairing in film, produced the intense Wheelman, released via Netflix, as well as The Grey, both starring the smouldering actor. Carnahan just wrapped another project starring Grillo and Mel Gibson, Boss Level, filmed right here in Atlanta, that is due for release later this year. I’ll chalk it up to his busy schedule that Grillo forgot my invite. The duo is literally making explosions in the thriller and action circuit, so it’s safe to assume Point Blank will be the high-speed and extreme thrill ride we crave.

Wait, there’s just a little bit more!

Point Blank supposedly has a $12 million dollar budget, so I dare say I don’t have to tell you this film is going to be a powerhouse of a release for Netflix. There is not set release date for it yet, but with the way Netflix and Grillo are cranking them out lately it shouldn’t be too far away.


Joe Lynch’s Mayhem (2017)