Thanks to Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, gill monsters have never been sexier. Well, maybe “sexy” isn’t the right word but it’s undeniable that Hollywood wouldn’t be opposed to an Abe-Sapien-style makeover. One director that has shown interest is none other than Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith.

On his podcast, Fatman on Batman, Smith expressed interest in remaking Creature from the Black Lagoon. Smith seems thrilled by the prospect of redoing the horror classic, saying he’d take it on “in a f*cking heartbeat!” Fans know that Smith has a thing for monster movies already, as proven by his 2014 cult film Tusk. Smith says that he’d take inspiration from Tusk in the potential Black Lagoon remake, especially when it comes to keeping it low-budget.


Now, we shouldn’t get too excited to see Black Lagoon in theaters. While Universal does have a writer lined up (Aquaman scribe Will Beall, according to Deadline Hollywood), the film is facing an uphill battle. It was originally intended to be part of the Dark Universe, Universal Studios’ own connected movie series. Dark Universe was supposed to start with this summer’s The Mummy, but after less-than-enthusiastic audience reactions, the project is all but abandoned. To the casual observer, it may seem that Smith’s Lagoon hopes have…well, sunk.

Then again, if Kevin Smith wants to make something, he will. Smith has remarked several times that he makes films more-or-less because he wants to. Critical and commercial approval is secondary — his own art comes first. There’s something to be said for that kind of energy, and it’s that type of love for an art that fans want behind a project. Of course, that passion might not be enough to get the film rights from Universal, but it’s still a good place to start.

Would you want Kevin Smith helming a Creature from the Black Lagoon remake? What other classic monsters deserve more time on the big screen? Is “sexy” an appropriate term for gill people after all? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know, and stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street for all your monster movie news.