One half of the weird sisters who raise our favorite teenage witch has been cast! Netflix’s currently-untitled adaptation of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic will arrive October of this year. According to executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s twitter, Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda will be played by Lucy Davis.

Davis, probably best known to genre fans as Dianne from Shaun of the Dead, will take on the role played by Caroline Rhea in the 1990s Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom. Aunt Hilda is Sabrina’s fun-loving and carefree aunt, so an actress with a background in comedy is a great fit. Her counterpart, the serious and studious Aunt Zelda, has not yet had an actress announced for the current incarnation.


In addition to Shaun of the Dead, Lucy Davis has credits in last year’s smash hit, Wonder Woman, as well as one of the starring roles on the original British version of The Office. Also notable, she played a witch in a 1999 TV show called Belfry Witches! The Wikipedia page for Belfry Witches is really sparse, but I learned a couple of important things: first, there’s never been a physical media release of the show, and second, the theme song was performed by Atomic Kitten.

Atomic Kitten performed that 2002 dance-pop cover of Tide is High that played on an episode of The American version of The Office when Andy injures himself the night before Jim and Pam’s wedding, so there’s the first connection. Of course, Tide Is High is a song made famous by New Wave icons Blondie, who (follow me here!) are about to meet The Archies in issue six of The Archies (hitting newsstands in March), which makes the members of Blondie characters in the Archie Comics universe, just like Sabrina! Lastly, Sabrina is BLONDE, much like Debbie Harry of BLONDIE! It all makes sense now! The connections are undeniable.

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