Michelle Pfeiffer Talks Parenting in First Clip from Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’

Certified master of all things f-ed up, Darren Aronofsky is less than a month away from releasing his hotly anticipated new mind-bender, mother! and only today has the first official clip for the film been released.

Paramount Pictures is distributing the uncommonly secretive project from the esteemed filmmaker, and recently launched a similarly mysterious website for the film, You’ll Never Answer the Door Again.


The site consists of nothing more than a kaleidoscopic collection of a few images: Javier Bardem’s slightly menacing side-eye, Jennifer Lawrence’s forlorn downcast look, a staircase, and a shot of a pregnant Lawrence resting her hands on her belly, containing what will surely be one interesting looking child.

As you move your cursor, the kaleidoscope moves, a neat little thing to keep you occupied for a few minutes. But then, you’ll notice at random points your cursor changes, picking up a hidden link. Click on it and the kaleidoscope breaks away to a full screen displaying Michelle Pfeiffer’s ageless face and a ‘play’ icon.

At last, we are graced with the first official clip from the film, which depicts Pfeiffer asking the rather personal question, “Why don’t you want kids?” before she comfortably walks around Lawrence’s house, seeming more at-home than Lawrence herself, imparting her words of wisdom on the joys of parenting. Lawrence flashes an uncomfortable glance and Pfeiffer, picking up on something nearly imperceptible, adopts a creepily knowing look. She moves in closer to Lawrence and practically whispers, “Oh… you do want them.”

Cue violin scratch.

The hype surrounding this one is huge. And if the eerie clip and trailers aren’t enough to stoke that fire, the cast list surely is: aside from Lawrence, Bardem, and Pfeiffer, this one also boasts Ed Harris, Domhnall Gleeson, and… Kristen Wiig? If that doesn’t pique your interest, my fiends, I don’t know what will. Plus, if there’s one thing cinema has been noticeably lacking these days, it’s Michelle Pfeiffer. And with mother! she seems poised to knock us on our asses and remind us all why we still know her name.

The film plays the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals just days before its US theatrical release of September 15th. Below, check out the cool new poster which mimics the website’s aesthetic.

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Keith Goulette

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