‘Tis a season of miracles. Gather round, everyone who said that Mike Flanagan’s Before I Wake would never get a U.S. release. The long-awaited horror film is finally getting its day in the States on January 5th, 2018.

In a tweet yesterday, the director confirmed that Netflix will be releasing the film.

After almost four years of intense frustration, I’m thrilled to confirm that @netflix will release BEFORE I WAKE in the US on January 5th.

After winning a fervent horror fanbase with films like Oculus (2013) and Hush (2016), Flanagan returned to his trippy, psychedelic-nightmare oeuvre with Before I Wake. The film was acquired by Relativity Media in 2014, shortly after filming wrapped. An initial release date of May 8, 2015 was later pushed back.


And pushed back again.

And again.

It eventually came to light that Relativity was filing for Bankruptcy, and in late 2016, Before I Wake was pulled from the company’s release schedule altogether. With the U.S. release indefinitely suspended, streaming giant Netflix released the film to the rest of the world on April 28th, 2017.

With the coveted “Premiere” gone, it seemed that chances of a U.S. release were gone as well.


Then, a Christmas Miracle. Netflix saved the day. (As so often seems to happen these days, as the archaic, unwieldy forms of broadcast and distribution stumble and falter.) And, it makes sense. Netflix was the sole distributor of Flanagan’s film Hush. Most recently, Flanagan directed a much-lauded, Netflix-distributed adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game.

Before I Wake follows couple Jessie (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane) as they adopt a young boy, Cody (Jacob Tremblay). The adoption follows the death of their biological son. When Cody arrives, they discover he is scared to go to sleep, and with good reason: his dreams manifest in the waking world. And then we learn.. Cody has night terrors.

The trailer (below) promises the blurred realities fans of Flanagan have come to love, and plenty of sleepless nights.

Watch the Trailer

Before I Wake will be released January 5th, 2018, on Netflix.