The 1980’s slasher-themed horror board game, Mixtape Massacre, will soon have its first expansion pack! The Black Masque was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July of 2017 and is available for pre-order now, with fulfillment expected in November 2017. For only $20, the expansion pack gives players:

  • 2 New Slashers
  • THE BEAST Character
  • 25 Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
  • 15 A-Bit Of An Event Cards
  • 4 Death Tokens
  • 15 Bonus Tracks
  • 30 New Death Pegs
  • 2 New Challenge Dice

Be sure to check out the full contents and pics of The Black Masque here.

Mixtape Massacre is a tabletop board game where up to 6 players play as horror film archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. With tons of references to all of your favorite 1980’s music, films, and pop-culture icons –
Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!

Like the expansion pack, the original “roll and move” style game was also launched as a Kickstarter project in 2015 and sold out after its release. Fortunately for all of us, more copies of the game were made and went on sale earlier this year. Currently on sale for $49.99 (regularly priced at $59.99), the original Mixtape Massacre and can be ordered directly from the website. In addition to the board game and the expansion pack, fans can also purchase Mixtape Massacre t-shirts, stickers, posters and pins. However, a quick visit to the site’s shop tells me that you should act quick, as several merchandise options are sold out as of this writing.

Have you played the game? Are you excited about the expansion pack?

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