Mother’s Day is the day that we celebrate the individuals that inhabit the role of protector, caretaker, and ass-kicker.

What about the Supreme Mother, though? The mother that does her best to protect and take care of not just us, but everything that surrounds us. The entity keeps all that is natural in check. But, just like your own mother, if you do something to disrespect her.. there will be punishment. And she too may use your full name when she shouts at you. *shudders*

Thanks to a high number of disrespectful people on this planet, Mother Nature has plenty of reasons for punishment. In the real world, we’re seeing the repercussions of those who pollute, litter, and disrespect Mother Nature. In the cinematic world, those repercussions may be turned up to level 100, but who’s to say that those who mess with Mother Nature in the real world won’t experience what those in the cinematic world have?

Let’s take a look at 10 of the possibilities shown in the cinematic world that Mother Nature could cast upon us in the real world.


10. Long Weekend (1978)

Long Weekend follows a couple who decide to go out into the Australian wilderness to recoup a downfall in their relationship. What happened within their relationship is kept a secret throughout most of the film. The more the secret tears them apart, the more they disrespect the area: discarding lit cigarettes, needlessly chopping the plantlife, shooting at and killing innocent wildlife, and spraying pesticide every chance that they get.

Long Weekend is a slow burn. What the couple does to nature are things that a lot of individuals are guilty of doing. But this time, Mother Nature had her eyes on this part of the Australian wilderness, and she reprimands the couple not just physically, but by delving into their psyches. Her ultimate mind trick? The aquatic creature that the man kills halfway through the film that was thought dead slowly makes its way towards the couple’s camp. The closer it gets, the less the couple’s grip on reality becomes manageable.



9. The Food of the Gods (1976)

Sometimes, regular-sized animals just won’t do it for Mother Nature. In Food of the Gods, she brings forth a mysterious ooze that a farming couple sees fit as food. They feed it to their chickens. Random wildlife – such as rats, wasps, worms, etc – see the ooze as food, as well. Surprise! The chickens, rats, and other wildlife begin to enlarge 10x their actual sizes, and suddenly, it’s humankind that is on the menu. I find it kind of ironic that Mother Nature created her own toxic waste that transformed wildlife as opposed to the toxic waste being mankind’s creation. Playing the people at their own game, Mother Nature. She’s a sneaky lady.


8. The Birds (1963)

The inhabitants of Bodega Bay seem like good people. Their existence on a little island outside of San Francisco, CA is quaint. That is, until the bird population stops mirroring Bodega Bay’s population, and rages a war among the town. Erratic bird behavior turns into full-fledged attacks on the town.

Mother Nature wasn’t really given a reason as to why she decided to place her wrath upon Bodega Bay with birds. A local ornithologist, Mrs. Bundy, has a moment within the film where she defends birds, and claims that they don’t have the brainpower to forge an attack on humans. “It is mankind, rather, who insists upon making it difficult for life to exist upon this planet,” she states in defense of the birds. And within that statement, she gives the actual reason why Mother Nature has allowed the birds to attack and kill. Further, within the same scene, Mrs. Bundy explains that an insane amount of birds inhabit the earth. Over 100 billion birds, in fact. Mother Nature has the ultimate army on her hand. Birds are the perfect weapon against mankind for its crimes against nature.


7. Day of the Animals (1977)

Mama Nature is none too happy about the ozone layer’s depletion in Day of the Animals. The layer that protects earth from the UV rays of the sun has thinned so much that radiation from the sun has started to affect animals that inhabit areas of high elevation. Along with being roasted by the sun, chemical imbalances within the animals are causing them to attack without warning. This doesn’t bode well for a group of adventure seekers who are miles away from civilization.

Wolves, birds, snakes, rats, mountain lions, and other wildlife creatures are among the army that Mother Nature sets out upon these hikers. What’s interesting is it seems that humankind isn’t impervious to the sun’s UV. A moment in the film sees one of the characters, played by Leslie Nielsen, lose all sanity. He attacks a girl, kills her boyfriend, and then has a brawl with a grizzly bear. Is he affected the same way that the animals are affected, or is he just showing how unbearable mankind can be?


6. Frogs (1972)

Frogs starts off with a montage of a man photographing a swamp in Florida. His pictures go from animals to the destruction that the swampy area is experiencing. Trash litters the area. Pollution spews into the swamp via a drainage system. Mother Nature … she ain’t happy.

Her eyes are set on a wealthy family living amongst the swamp. Her weapon? The swamp’s animal life: frogs, snakes, lizards, alligators, spiders, turtles, leeches, crabs, and whatever other creepy-crawlies you can imagine. She even sets up innocent butterflies as a means of luring a butterfly collector into the swamp so that she can eradicate her. Nothing is too innocent for her wrath, I suppose. Even in a goofy as heck film as Frogs.


5. The Happening (2008)

The animal kingdom is the perfect way to deal with humanity’s disrespect of the planet, but what’s something that you can’t run from? In The Happening, the northeastern region of America is experiencing an alarming rash of sudden mass suicides. At first, the blame is placed upon terrorists and an airborne chemical. Those assumptions turn out to be 50% correct. It’s not terrorists that have placed an airborne chemical into the air. It’s the region’s plantlife.

Mother Nature set the chemical into motion by using the wind to carry it to humans. Can you outrun the wind? I’m sure in some way, it’s possible, but it’s a feat that would be incredibly hard to accomplish. She knew this. And she used this to her advantage.


4. The Ruins (2008)

The Ruins brings about the following question: Will Mother Nature protect something that is man-made from those who wish to tread upon it? Perhaps this is the case within the film. A group of tourists visit unknown ruins for a little fun, but what they find are carnivorous vines, and an Aztec civilization who knows the secrets of the ruins.

What I believe to be the case in The Ruins, is that there are some places on earth that Mother Nature doesn’t want to be disturbed. This is one of those places. Whether she made that decision, or she garnered some truce with an ancient Mayan civilization, is never revealed in the film. We are only privy to the carnage that these vines can cause once a person steps foot onto the ruins. And there’s plenty of carnage, mentally and physically.


3. Frozen (2010)

Sometimes there’s no revenge on the table when it comes to Mother Nature. She just has to do what she has to do, and if there are innocent bystanders in her way, then she leaves them on their own to survive. This is what happens to three friends who get stuck on a ski lift the night before the ski resort closes for a week.

There’s no reason for Mother Nature to condemn the three individuals. They just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They also happen to make the worst decisions at the worst times. Granted, they’re stuck high up in the air during a snowstorm with no hopes of being rescued, so apt decision-making tends to be a little scarce. The worst decision? When one of them decides to make a jump for it. The results? Two broken legs, and a meaty meal for a pack of wolves.


2. Jurassic Park (1993)

All the decisions made that attributed to man’s recreation of dinosaurs can be shot down with the majority of Ian Malcolm’s (Jeff Goldblum) dialogue. The brightest point that was made? “This isn’t some species that was obliterated by deforestation, or the building of a dam. Dinosaurs had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction.“ This points out that Mother Nature possibly destroyed the dinos for her own reasons. Man went against her reasoning, so she showed man exactly why she eradicated them in the first place.

Some of the world’s natural mysteries and wonders are better left in the past. Mother Nature is smart. She knows what she did and why she did it. Don’t play.


1. Mother! (2017)

Here, there is no nature. There are no threatening wildlife, plantlife, or natural occurrences. In Mother!, there are simply humans. Looking back on all of the films mentioned, it is their – our – fault that Mother Nature has revolted. Sure, she may have set her nature minions on some innocent people. Does that make her the villain? If your answer to that is yes, then take a look at the character portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in this film.

You’re going to have to think hard and heavy about all of the metaphors that encase the film’s narrative. Once you realize that Lawrence is portraying Mother Nature, or Mother Earth, then everything easily falls into place. Mother! makes it easy to see why Mother Nature would create the events that unfolded in the previous 9 films.



In conclusion, Mother Nature should be respected as much as possible. She has many resources at her dispense. As the cinematic world has shown in these 10 films, she isn’t afraid to use them.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers – of any sort! What films where Mother Nature does her thing did we forget to mention? Let us know over on our Twitter, Subreddit, or The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!