David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surreal, genre-bending soap opera (admit it- it’s a soap opera) first aired on April 8th, 1990 with strong critical reception and a now iconic opening theme. The show’s appeal and aesthetic was established not only by Lynch and Frost’s creative choices behind camera, but with a dreamy and haunting score composed by Angelo Badalamenti. While Twin Peaks: The Return has not relied as heavily on Badalamenti, it has brought us The Bang Bang Bar– A roadhouse style tavern that ends each episode with a live performance from some of today’s most celebrated indie bands. With acts ranging from The Chromatics, to Nine Inch Nails, and most recently, Eddie Veddor as Edward Louis Severson, The Bang Bang Bar has proven to be a new fan favorite in the series.

While some speculation has risen among fans about the nature of The Bang Bang Bar and what it’s real purpose is in the show, one point has remained constant: This is the coolest f**king bar in America. Twin Peaks has always provided fans some of the most chilling and mesmerizing performances on television, so there was never reason to assume the bands featured in the show would be any different.


The series finale airs this Sunday on Showtime and to help you tailgate the final act of David Lynch’s 18-hour film, we’ve put together a playlist of Roadhouse performances and in-scene standouts of the most bizarre chapter in the Twin Peaks saga.