Zombies. They pop up all over the place. This time, they’re popping up in an exclusive Amazon Prime series titled Narcos vs Zombies as announced by Variety. In the series . . .

. . . Legendary narco kingpin Alonso Marroquín (Peris-Mencheta) escapes from a high-security Mexican prison with his son Lucas (Arredondo) and finds refuge hiding at Paradiso, a remote drug rehab facility located on the U.S. side of the border. Meanwhile, test subjects from a failed U.S. military experiment — intended to transform wounded soldiers into killing machines — are left for dead near the border, only to revive as deadly mutant zombies. A Mexican SWAT team pursuing the Marroquíns is infected by the zombie horde, becoming a zombie army in its own right. Alerted to the threat, the U.S. Army embarks on a mission to annihilate them.

The series’ setting of Latin America is a wonderful change of scenery. Head of Mexico originals for Amazon, Javier Szerman, shared his excitement by stating, “The story of Narcos vs Zombies is something that hasn’t been done at this scale in Latin America.”


Written by Nicolas Entel, who also acts as showrunner, and Miguel Tejada Flores, writer of genre favs Fright Night 2 (1988) and Beyond Re-Animator (2003), created the story that will be brought to life by director, Rigoberto Castañeda. Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Rambo: Last Blood), Fátima Molina (Falco), Horacio García Rojas (Narcos: Mexico), Nery Arredondo (Vuelven) and Adria Morales (La Reina Soy Yo) star. Dynamo and Red Creek Productions produced the series.

The show will not only focus on the horror that zombies bring with them. It will also give insight to social and political aspects that are relevant in today’s age. “The series is a lot of fun, action-packed and features amazing VFX, but it will also likely ruffle some feathers as it deals with several important — and controversial — current affairs,” Entel said of the show’s content.

Zombies are known to bring about those aspects. Consider me one to appreciate when they do.

Narcos vs Zombies is set to begin its 8 episode run sometime in 2020 only on Amazon Prime in more than 200 countries, including the US, Mexico, and Latin America.


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