Natalie Dormer is no stranger to scary situations: she went into Japan’s Suicide Forest in The Forest. She was a CDC virologist in Patient Zero, and she was Cersei Lannister’s daughter-in-law in Game of Thrones. Coming up next through, Dormer will enter the new, seedy underworld of 1930s L.A. as one of the main characters in the sequel series to Penny Dreadful called City of Angels.

According to Deadline, Dormer is playing Magda in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. The trade site describes the character as “a supernatural demon who can take the appearance of anyone she chooses and manifests in a number of guises throughout the story. Charismatic, clever and chameleonic, Magda is a dangerous enemy and an invaluable ally“. Dormer joins new castmates Daniel Zovatto, Jessica Garza, and Johnathan Nieves. Zovatto plays Detective Tiago Vega, the first Mexican-American detective on the LAPD who lands “a grisly murder shocks the city.” eet in 1938, City of Angels will see a convergence of LA’s growing car culture, the rising international tensions pre-World War II, and L.A.’s “deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore”.


The new series will be a departure from the original, which was set in Victorian-era London, and had a cast made up of various characters from horror literature of the time like Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney), Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadway), Frankstein’s Creature (Rory Kinnear), and Dracula (Christian Camargo). Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett starred in all three seasons of the show, which ran on Showtime from 2014 to 2016.


John Logan, who created, produced, and wrote the majority of the original Penny Dreadful, will carry on with the same roles on City of Angels. Rage and Mr. Right director Paco Cabezas, who also directed four season 3 episodes of Penny Dreadful, will helm several episodes of the new series.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels will air on Showtime either sometime later this year, or early next year, although an exact date has yet to be set. Excited about the new Penny Dreadful? Tell us about it on Twitter, in the official NOFS Reddit, or The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!

city of angels
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