Imagine that you’re a policeman patrolling the river in nineteenth-century London. One day, as you walk along the River Thames, you spot something very peculiar. It is a corpse, seemingly pieced together from the bodies of multiple missing children. That is just the beginning of the horror, as you find that the matter involves Senior Establishment Figures and demonic forces. So goes the first series of Sean Bean’s The Frankenstein Chronicles, and soon you will be able to enter this hellish world for yourself. In a recent article, Variety has reported that Netflix has picked up the rights to the cult hit and will be making it available to stream as a Netflix Original.

The Frankenstein Chronicles is a re-imagining of the story surrounding the novel penned by Mary Shelley and made famous by Boris Karloff’s depiction of the Monster in the 1931 Universal picture. In the first series, it seems as if someone has been inspired by the novel and is trying to defy the laws of nature and re-animate the dead. The show follows Bean as he attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the strange corpse he discovered. What makes this show so interesting is that it isn’t just another adaptation of Frankenstein, but rather a period piece that asks “What if someone was actually trying to accomplish what the novel claimed was possible?”.

The Frankenstein Chronicles

That Netflix is So Hot Right Now…

The good folks over at Netflix have obviously been paying attention to the hottest trends in movies and television this year. 2017 is, as you well know, “The Year of Horror” and Netflix has responded by picking up or producing several new horror series and movies, including Ash vs Evil Dead, Red Christmas, and the one-two punch of Gerald’s Game/1922. Fans just can’t get enough of the genre and it shows with the amount of product that the streaming services are putting out there.

Check out the trailer for The Frankenstein Chronicles below and let us know what you think. There is no official release date for the series as of yet, but join our official Facebook Group and we will update you with any information as it becomes available. If you have already seen the show, let us know how it is!